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Some people never set primary goals in their lives, so they never have the opportunity to visualize, which could give them more confidence, unflappability and an understanding of how to best achieve their goal.

Many other people have set end goals and have visualized the scene that represents their desired success, whether that’s sharing happy time with a blissful and loving family, parasailing the beaches of Thailand, starting a company, or simply moving up the ranks of an existing company to a position you’re happy with.

Few people come close to fully utilizing the visualization techniques. Even the people who visualize their end goal frequently forget how helpful it can be to visualize all the important steps in between. It’s these steps that will allow you to reach your goal and these same steps that we frequently need the most help with.

Emotionally charged talks with your spouse, laying down the law for children, delivering business presentations, making a good impression on a first date, or fully seizing your opportunities during a job interview, these are just a few of the multitude of situations visualization can assist you with.

Visualizing what you will say, how you will feel, possible responses, calmness, enthusiasm and ultimately success, can help you be that much more effective in the things you do.

Think of it as calibrating and recalibrating a machine (your brain) for optimum performance, or better yet, think of it as an actor learning to deliver his lines the way he wants, with enthusiasm and conviction and projecting the persona he wants, with confidence, intelligence and unflappability.

Remember, if an actor acts a certain way long enough, they begin to become that person. They say, “we are what we do” and “actions speak louder than words.” In time, we begin to believe we are the person we’re acting like and we often become the person we believe we are.

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Salomé Mora - 12/14/2013 6:35:38 AM
I think that you have to visualize whatever you want, sometimes we put obstacles in our life, but the success is only our responsability. Think about great things for you and work hard to achieve goals.
For me the visualization is an excellent practice that we have to do everyday.
Evelyn Vaglio - 11/20/2013 6:29:14 PM
I believe that we can créate our own way thinking about that we want to get. But we do not have the control of everything. In fact, we have less control than we believe. There are a lot of variables in our way and we have to trust on a superior power whose has the total control of our life. I can have goals, and I can walk looking for those goals, with the knowledge that everything that I can not control, God has it in His control.

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