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It’s ironic that so many people are so adamant that killing is wrong, since killing is a part of the circle of life.

Whether you think its right or wrong, if you live, you kill.

Take “walking” for example.  It’s impossible to walk without killing the occasional ant, worm or sprout and even if we could, there are smaller creatures, some, even microscopic that we trample to death.

So, if you desperately want to preserve life, perhaps you could sit in a room and remain motionless for all of your days, but the truth is, you would still kill.

Every time we breathe, we kill billions of microscopic organisms that meet their fate in our lungs and sinuses.

Perhaps our greatest murder sprees come when eating.  We kill adult animals, (cows, chickens, lambs) and even unborn children (eggs, caviar, fruits, nuts).  The vegetarians and vegans may claim they have transcended this, but plants are alive and eating them is still killing.  Some studies have even shown that plants even appear to be sentient and have feelings.

Even when we shower, we kill millions of bacteria that have found a docile home on our skin.

So really, the question is not whether or not to kill. 

You will kill.

The questions are “why to kill” and “how to kill.”

Sure, you might also ask, “who to kill” and “when to kill,” but the answers to all these questions begin to overlap and become redundant.

Now of course you scoff.  “He’s talking about plants and molds and microscopic bacteria, not real life,” you say.  “Not important life.”

But what is this strange pretentious and ego-centric view that humans have that they’re the center of the universe, the alpha and omega, the be all and end all?

If you kill a man, he may be a bad man.  He may have done many terrible things and the world may be a better place without him.  He may be ugly.  He may have harmed the environment.  He may have never loved, adored or truly cared for anything in his life.

If you kill a deer, what could the deer possibly be guilty of?  It’s not a bad deer.  It never lied or cheated or stole or hurt other deer without just cause.  Her beauty would be wiped from the face of the Earth.  Deer never harm the environment.  They’re in harmony with it.  And many deer have loved, adored and cared for their fawns.  And if you don’t believe that animals can love, then go watch the dog whose tail wags so hard it shakes his whole body when his “master” comes home, not at feeding time, but simply at a time of return.  Watch the cat, in the same instance, who can’t stop purring and wrapping herself around her master’s leg.  Animals love, sometimes more than people.

But still you balk.  “I can choose not to kill people and I can choose not to kill animals,” you say, “I don’t kill dogs and cats.  I don’t kill deer. I can become a vegan. Than all I’ll kill is mold and bacteria and who cares about that?”

Who cares about that indeed, because they are different from us, we dismiss them as unimportant.  This is why any alien life should fear us, at least as much as we would fear them. We are callous destroyers. Most of humanity operates under the misguided belief that If it doesn’t walk like us and talk like us, it is not as important as us.


How many times have you considered the sentient life you’re trampling under foot? 

How many times have you thought about what you’re killing when you breath?

If you have an absolute dedication to protecting life, perhaps your only option is suicide, but of course, even then you’re taking life and such is Nature’s way.

Think about planets.  They look very similar to cells, which look very similar to atoms and subatomic particles.  Perhaps our scale is off. Our bodies could be made up of a nearly infinite set of universes and planets. A blade of grass could potentially be comprised of infinite micro-universes and when we step on it, we could cause mass destruction and chaos.

Or perhaps we’re infinitely smaller than we think and our entire universe is just a piece of a molecule in a cell on the back of a flea that’s attached itself to a dog.

It is possible and even likely that we are not so big as we think.

As far as we know, our universe may be infinite.  There may also be infinite dimensions.  The probability is almost zero that we are the only life in the universe. 

We have no idea of our scale or size. Perhaps every time we take a step or bite into a piece of lettuce we are destroying billions of micro-universes, just like our own, but only smaller in scale.

Perhaps someday, our own universe will be destroyed, because a mouse, or some other animal we’ve never known, nor will ever know, will eat a piece of grain that contains our entire universe and just like that, that will be the end of everything that we believe to be everything.

So some of you will be appalled to come to the realization that you can’t help but cause chaos, death and destruction, but those who say that would be missing the true point of our existence.

Life, death and chaos are the norm. Change is the norm. A multitude of creatures are living and dying all around us perpetually.  This is the way of the universe that we are a part of.  Why wouldn’t we be a part of the circle of life?  We are not too big for that.

To accept your life as a sentient being is to accept your right and privilege to kill.

We’ve all seen the African lion chase down an antelope on the African prairie and kill it.  There’s no evil in that. It’s sad and unfortunate for the antelope, but it’s not evil or immoral.  The lion must eat, therefore the antelope must die. It is simply the way things work.

So this brings us back to the real questions.
I.    Why to kill?
II.    How to kill?

Why Kill?
I.    Kill for food
II.    Kill for self-preservation/protection
III.    Kill to protect life
IV.    Kill to protect virtue and/or quality of life

How to kill?
I.    Kill to eat 
II.    Kill as few as necessary
III.    Kill as painlessly as necessary

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People are overprotection in their things, equipment, it is a good point , because you can find person who wants to steal your equipment and then kill you.

People need to understand material things are material, things don`t be happy in your lige, money is no happy a person, peace and health are things to be happy a person.

Advise: don`t believe in strange people when you walk, don`t leave open your house and take care for strange people

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