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Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana is illegal so the police and even the FBI, to some extent, can maintain their bloated staff and payroll.  It is also a benefit to government, especially local government, who can utilize the threat of ¨the druggies¨ to get local voters to do their bidding. Local and national news also bask in the warm glow of “the war on drugs.”

It seems as though almost everyone is pleased with this war on drugs, but who shouldn’t be? 

You shouldn’t.

Here are some reasons you might want to consider legalizing drugs like marijuana, instead of struggling to cut them off.

1.    Not being allowed to do drugs and smoke marijuana violates people’s first amendment rights and flies in the face of the constitution and human liberty.

2.    The war on drugs costs tax payers billions every year.  This money could be better spent on education, health care, or space exploration, instead of to incarcerate some 18-year-old who wants to smoke a joint and eat a bag of potato chips, in the comfort of his own home.

Which would you rather do? Improve national education and healthcare, or put a few more television watchers, who are suffering from the munchies in jail?

By the way, if you still say you would like to throw all the marijuana smokers in jail, realize that you’re not only being tricked into paying for this ridiculous and unnecessary law enforcement, but you’re also being duped into paying for even more expensive incarceration costs.

3.    Taking away freedoms does not help make better people.  If no choice is given, how can someone learn to make the right choices, when they have no choice at all?

Take into account the now notorious example of the teenager in the conservative household, who is not given choices and then goes wild as soon as they reach the freedom of college.  The Catholic School girl has become a societal archetype for those who appear innocent, but who surrender to unexamined decadence, at the first taste of freedom.

Take the French, for example. They frequently drink wine with their meals and children are frequently permitted to drink at an early age. Because this is a freedom and children are generally brought up drinking responsibly, it’s less common for them to abuse the privilege. There are fewer binge drinkers and alcohol tends to be consumed a bit more responsibly.

4.    Legalizing marijuana and then taxing it, as the government does with liquor and cigarettes, would provide additional revenue sources, which could potentially provide billions of dollars to improve health care and education, support retirement funds and/or welfare systems, reduce the National Debt, or spearhead government reform.

5.    “Medical” marijuana, which is the same thing as normal marijuana, except with a more politically correct prefix, has already been scientifically proven to benefit a variety of healthcare patients. By legalizing it, it would help make “medical” marijuana more accessible and affordable to those who could benefit from its use.

6.    Protecting people’s personal freedoms sets a good precedent.

If a group of people decides marijuana is bad and finds  a way to deprive people of it, what’s to stop them from deciding other things are bad and banning them as well? Perhaps cigarettes could be banned and then liquor and then fast food and then books and music with questionable content and begin to have a sort of dictatorship where censorship becomes the norm. Can book burning and riots be far behind?

Maintain human liberties. 

7.    Considering that most research seems to indicate that smoking marijuana is much healthier than smoking cigarettes, it seems inappropriate that cigarettes should be big business, which are taxed and sold, while marijuana is relegated to being the “evil” banned cousin of tobacco.
8.     Hemp is reputed to have a wide variety of useful applications and legalizing marijuana, would allow the “hemp” part of the plant to be more easily adapted to non-drug related use.

9.    Just as Amsterdam has become a massive, highly popular and highly successful tourist destination based on the legalization of freedoms, the United States could likewise benefit in terms of finance and popularity by simply allowing people to maintain their freedoms.

10.     Naysayers can hoot and holler, but the truth is that legalized marijuana might actually provide a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

This simple truth might lead one to wonder if it’s big tobacco and the purveyors of alcohol, who are greening the palms of those in a position to block marijuana.

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Logical Spiritualism - 6/19/2012 2:05:18 PM
That might be one approach and thanks for sharing.

But it seems that simply legalizing marijuana in one or two states could eliminate the benefits many profiteers have become accustomed to, thus removing them from the business.

Once people realize the world won't end, or become a warzone with the legalization of marijuana, they might become more open-minded about legalizing marijuana in other states and the process could snowball.
David James - 6/17/2012 3:34:36 PM
I believe we can be more effective in persuading the populace to legalize cannabis if we focus some of our energy on the money made by the "Prohibition Industry". There are lots of people who make big bucks by keeping cannabis illegal, such as Prison Guards unions, private prisons, Big Pharma, narcotics officers associations, drug cartels, etc. This may be what some would consider negative campaigning, but we could convince a lot of people that these guardians are taking their stances not out of principle, but out of greed, we could make progress in defeating them.
Logical Spiritualism - 6/13/2012 9:23:01 AM
Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

That sounds like it might be an interesting book.

Good luck with it.
Jeff Brown - 6/13/2012 7:07:35 AM
Marijuana aka cannabis must be the most usefull plant on the planet. Food, clothing, shelter, medicine, sacrament, etc. It has been used for thousands of years by many different cultures and religions. They claim America is the freest country in the world and yet they make this plant illegal. This year Colorado and Washington State are voting to legalize the plant. It is a very good possibilty that it will be legalized by the voters. The voice of the people is the voice of God. For more on its spiritual uses google
Marijuana and the Bible by Jeff Brown
sincerely Jeff Brown

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