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One of the most peculiar mysteries is people’s reaction to nudity. Many people will even notice their mouths dropping open, as they simply read the word.

Do you see any turtles wearing t-shirts and wolves wearing pants? Are there bears wearing bras or hippos wearing high-heals?

No. Clothes are not natural.

We are not the first creatures on this Earth who attempt to adapt the environment to suit their needs. Ants build hives and birds construct nests, but none of them create wardrobes.
We are perhaps the craftiest animals, but also adorned with little in the realm of physical protection. Unlike an armadillo, snail, or cockroach, we have no shell for defense. Unlike the dog, squirrel, or elk,  we have no fur for warmth.

We created clothes for warmth and protection and they have become the norm, an unnatural, artificial norm.

It’s not particularly surprising that clothes are now a widely accepted and even a required aspect of society. What is surprising is the astonishment, offense and resentment with which many people perceive nudity.

If an American woman goes bra-less and her perky nipples show through her blouse, men are transfixed. Women are frequently critical and jealous and it’s difficult for people to stop thinking about it. All this over a simple pair of nipples? Barring birth defect, each of us already has two of our own and we don’t stare at them all the time.

In some parts of the world, if you lay on the beach naked, no one cares. In others, you would be the subject of tremendous scrutiny and perhaps even jailed.

Looking at this from a rational or scientific standpoint, the human body is beautiful. It’s a marvel of biological science. It’s nothing to hide, or be ashamed of. It’s nothing to be so callous toward. 

Looking at this from a religious perspective, if you believe in God and that we all started out naked in the Garden of Eden, what’s so bad about going back to our beginning? We were all supposed to be created in God’s image anyway, right? So if you believe that, then why would you be ashamed of what is essentially a recreation of God’s body?

Can you imagine how nice it could be, on a really hot and humid summer day, to not have to wear all those burdensome clothes? Why should we? Why do we have to? Was that one of the Ten Commandments? Is it a prerequisite for society? No. Not really.

So here’s the thing: many of us don’t want to see a bunch of ugly people running around naked. We don’t want to sit on a chair that the big smelly guy just sat in, while he was naked. Meanwhile, some of us are afraid of being ogled, judged, or even raped.

So, we will continue to wear clothes to work and when we go shopping and to the movies and so on and so forth, but as an ode to personal freedoms, can we at least walk around our houses naked, once in a while, skinny dip for fun and sunbathe on the beach without having to cover ourselves from the derisive opinions of others? Can’t at least that much be tolerated and even enjoyed?

There is much talk of liberating our minds.

Why shouldn’t we be able to liberate our bodies a little bit as well?


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Francisco - 12/8/2013 9:58:50 PM
I totally agree about this well nudity should not be a tabu.
Is somthing totally normal of every day but like you said i dond want to see ulgy or fat people naked or sit in a place were someone was naked.

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