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Ambition can be a great attribute or a bur under the saddle of those it afflicts. It all depends on what the goal is.

Do you want to “live” forever?

Do you wan to be famous?

Do you want to leave your mark on things?

Do you want to be admired and revered?

If so, you probably want to don the shackles of ambition and walk in its yolk and harness.

Do you want to enjoy life?

Do you want to live for the moment?

Do you want to bask in your freedom?

Do you want to be happy?

If so, you might want to avoid ambition and leave it to more driven folks.

Keep in mind that these are categories.

Do you fall primarily in Category A or Category B?

Of course, neither need be exclusive of the other and many people fall in the degrees in between, but there’s a challenging balancing act for those who choose the median.

If you choose a hedonistic existince, or an ambitious and driven one, you are like a flipped coin, landing heads or tails. But if you choose to intigrate the two, as most of us opt, you'll be on a tight-rope, trying to balance yourself for the rest of your life. You'll be a coin, balanced on it's edge and trying not to topple.

Of course, you can leave your mark on things with your zest for life, overwhelming happiness and determination to live in the moment. So sometimes you can take a different approach to the same goal, or a different route to the same destination.

Likewise, for some people, few things bring them more enjoyment or happiness than the ambition to drive themselves hard toward their goal, whatever that may be. So happiness and ambition certainly don't have to be mutually exclusive, though some people find them to be.

Ambition can be the cork to the bottle of dreams, or the grimace when one pines for wine, but finds only the grape’s footprint in the bottom of the bottle.

Beware the whip of ambition. It can drive us to do truly great and amazing things, or drive us to our knees, then the ground and then under.

If you choose to be ambitious, or you were simply born that way, the trick is to harness your ambition and let it be a great wind in your sails, blowing you forward.  You must always be wary of the power and effects of that wind, lest it blow your mast over or run your ship aground.

·    You must learn to be patient
·    You must learn to release stress
·    You must learn to direct your ambition, rather than being directed by it
·    You must learn to fortify your work ethic to match your ambition
·    You must remind yourself that being happy, living in the moment and enjoying little everyday pleasures are also important

If you choose to shy away from your ambitions or if you were simply born as a more satisfied and hedonistic person…

·    You must probably learn to live without “eternal” life
·    You must probably learn that you will never be truly famous
·    You must accept that when you die, the world at large is likely to forget you
·    You must realize and accept that some deferment of pleasure is necessary
·    You must realize and accept that getting everything you want is unhealthy and accepting some challenges and some difficulty is healthy and good.

Ambition is neither good nor bad. It simply depends on how you act upon it and how it acts upon you.

Choose how to use your ambition before it chooses how to use you.


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People with a high level of good ambition are those with the insight and energy to control the hidden forces of ambition, forming it so that it meets their interests and goals.
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Salomé Mora - 12/14/2013 5:38:40 AM
I agree with "Ambition can be a great attribute or a bur under the saddle of those it afflicts", it´s important to understand that because you need a balance in your live.
I think that you need ambition because it can give you direction and determination for your goals.It´s not about dreams it´s about your present , your life.
Mónica Cossio - 12/11/2013 11:59:58 PM
I really believe that “happiness and ambition certainly don't have to be mutually exclusive”. In my opinion, ambition is what moves people to be better, to challenge themselves. Achieving your goals is not simple , you need commitment, perseverance, patience, determination , and great amount of wisdom so you don’t get lost while you are pursuing your goals.

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