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Many have asked and many will ask, “What is the meaning of life?”

Logical Spiritualism answers that the meaning (or purpose) of life is whatever you make it. However, LS can suggest a popular theme for this train of thought: “The purpose of life is to be happy without hurting others.”

Perhaps the next logical question is, “How does one become happy” and this is where “love” comes in.

For most people, there can be no greater happiness than being really and truly in love with someone who returns that love.

However, this is not to say that everyone experiences “true love.” Many, if not the majority of people, whether they are bitterly aware, or naively in denial, have never and may never experience “true love.” It is as precious a commodity as there is in this life and can be neither bought, nor constructed, sold, nor imposed.

You can have all the money in the world and be utterly miserable. You can have “true love,” and live in a run-down shack with no television, no running water and barely enough food to eat and consider yourself the happiest and luckiest person alive. 

Unfortunately, “true love” has so many false denominations. Many people mistake “lust” for “love” and many more are in love with the idea of being in love, yet settle for the reality of being in “like.” A strong state of “like,” if they’re lucky.

It seems the majority of traditional marriages are often held together by a taut string of convenience and familiarity, tied together with a strong dose of “like.” This is a principal reason why so many marriages fail.

Many loves are sometimes referred to as “puppy love,” or a love that comes easily, but is mirage-like in its actual substance. Many loves are comprised of the exhilarating feeling of newness, exploration and endless possibility and when those feelings wear off; the illusion of love quickly drops its veil. 

One writer wrote, “Love is not love that bends, withers, or is altered by the storm.”

This is to say that a true love will survive the loss of newness, exploration and endless possibility. It will survive the test of time and weather the trials and tribulations of an imperfect life led by imperfect people.
Be aware also, that “love” is “love.”

A man can be in love with a woman, another man, a son, a daughter, playing football, or surfing.
Women can love men, women, a pet poodle, or reading a good book on lazy Sunday afternoons.

“True love” can encompass a wide range of interests, but is always a deep heart-felt possession of one’s attention, spirit and desire, that comes from the very core.

The difference in humans and even pets, to some degree, is that they can actually love you back. And when it’s “true love” they can love you back with a completeness and desire that may even match your own. 

However, do not be deceived, many may say that two hearts in alignment are needed to encompass true love, but that’s not true. True love only takes one willing heart.

Someone may love someone or something else completely and entirely, sacrificing everything for that person, or thing, even if their love is not returned. This does not necessarily diminish the strength, force, or validity of this love. In fact, for a select few, it may increase it.

Many people can attest that “playing hard to get,” can increase a suitor’s interest and in some cases, being ultimately unattainable may only build ones desire and dedication to an object of affection.

Since one of the hallmarks of “true love” is a willingness to sacrifice oneself for that love and/or the object of affection, an all-encompassing and yet one-sided love is entirely possible.

An interesting thing to note about love is that it is paradoxical. It can make a strong man weak, or a weak man strong. For this and many other reasons, it is a strange and amazing thing.

Take a brave and dependable soldier for example. He has fought with great bravery and courage through the entire war, but suddenly, he is in love and his steely determination is broken. He fell in love with a woman during his last leave of duty and can’t stop thinking about her. He is abruptly terrified that he will die in battle and never see her again. Before, he had made peace with his own mortality and accepted the possibility of his death.  Now, he has an entire unexplored universe he wants to share with this woman and he refuses to part with it. Yet, it may be taken from him and he is suddenly afraid, down to the last fiber of his being.  This fearless man, perhaps for the first time in his life, is really and truly terrified.

Now, let’s take this same man, shaking in his skin at the prospect of his own demise and the loss of his “one” true love. He comes across as cowardly. His hands are shaking. He can’t eat or sleep. Finally, he’s so exhausted, he can barely stand. He is considered too sick to fight, a broken man, placed in the infirmary and possibly destined for a nervous breakdown and a dishonorable discharge, but then fate takes a turn. The enemy army turns, destroying civilian cities and murdering innocent people in its path. The soldier hears that his lover is in the path of the advancing army and at risk of being murdered by the fearsome enemy. The trembling subsides and his strength returns. His fragility fragments like a chandelier hitting the floor. He leaves the infirmary and returns to battle. Fighting passionately and heroically, with no regard for his own welfare. There is only the mission, to protect his loved one and he is suddenly braver and more courageous than ever.

What a strange and miraculous thing is love.

“Love” is not dangerous. It is a pure good. Make no mistake about that, but due to our imperfect world and the imperfect, unethical and seemingly impossible situations we’re sometimes thrust into, love can spawn some very dangerous contemporaries, such as: jealousy, envy, unfulfillment, betrayal and regret. 

In the end, love can be our greatest weakness, or our greatest weapon. Sometimes it is our purpose and sometimes it is our shield.

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Salomé Mora - 12/14/2013 6:10:57 AM
I think that you need or you may be happy with you. You don´t have to give the responsability of your happiness to other person. When you can be happy alone maybe it´s the moment to share you happiness with other person.
Euyo Siles - 12/6/2013 10:14:39 PM
In my own opinion, to get married as a company.
Companies need to have agreements, people need to be patient and understanding.

When people get married, they need to take procedures as companies have.

Fist secret for a happy married is when a couple discuss important things before to take decisions.

Our grandparents had " true love", didn`t exist divorce , by traditions and costums, but nowadays our society saw in a good way to get divorce or to life alone. That is the razón why people don`t worry around a long married until all life, because the society allow divorce
Erika - 2/14/2012 11:46:20 PM
Well said :)
Nice article!!!!

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