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We find things beautiful, which means, we find them very attractive.

The most common perception of beauty is visual, as in a gorgeous woman, a beautiful painting, or a stunning sunset, but beauty also can appeal to other senses. For instance; someone might admire a beautiful piece of music, the lovely sound of the rain or a beautiful fragrance of perfume.
People often enjoy such things so much that they go out of their way to seek them out.

Men are especially visually oriented, more so than women and frequently find themselves at the mercy of beautiful women, who can use their beauty to manipulate many men. For many men, the beauty of a woman is like the strings, which make a marionette dance and they become their own puppet to a lovely woman’s will.

Beauty has been called “the great deceiver,” because from the outside and from the eye, it is attractive, stimulating and desirable, but beautiful things may not be so desirable on the inside. Women, for instance, may be quite lovely in appearance, but their personality, morals, or objectives may be far less appealing and pleasant.

This is why they say, “Beauty is only skin deep,” because there are no guarantees about the things you can’t see. Even in nature, the most beautiful frog, butterfly, or flower, might be the most poisonous. In fact, it is even said that in nature, the brighter the creature is, the more likely it is to bear poison and be deadly. 

They also say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” They say this because there is really no absolute measuring stick for beauty. Beauty is entirely subject to individual opinion. That’s why two people can look at the same painting and one can say it’s the most beautiful work of art they’ve ever seen and the other may say it’s the ugliest piece of trash they’ve come across. Both people can be right, because there is no accurate measuring stick for beauty.

This might be one of the reasons they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” though that famous phrase can speak of deeper implications than merely visual beauty.

Today, there is a great movement toward slimness and skinniness being a keynote of physical beauty. However, beauty is subject to the whims of time and culture. For instance, in the past, the Chinese thought that fat was desirable and beautiful. Their reasoning was at least partially that only the rich could afford to eat enough to be fat and avoid slimming manual labor. Fatness and obesity was a distinguishing characteristic of the privileged and distinguished upper class and was therefore desirable.

Though there is no absolute conception of beauty, this doesn’t mean, as some people assert, that one cannot, or should not voice one’s preferences.

It can be understood that what’s said about beauty is only a matter of opinion. It’s too boring and restrictive to eliminate all discussions of beauty, simply because the topic is subject to interpretation. And since opinions can be counted and averaged, one might even say that creating a standardized ranking for beauty is possible, based on the average perception of the greater number of people.

The synonym for beauty, but in men, is handsomeness. Beauty and handsomeness are two of the primary attributes people can use to assert influence over others.

One need simply be aware that it is just one factor of compatibility and not even the most important of them. Further, be aware that beauty and/or handsomeness is an attribute of influence and thereby may make your self-control and decision-making suspect.

Be careful with beauty. The more beautiful the snake or spider, the more poisonous it may be; the more beautiful the person, the more influence they are likely to possess over you and others, so the more potentially dangerous they are to your freedom, independence and honor.

Some have extrapolated that beautiful people may be less likely to be socially well adjusted and pleasant, because they can rely more on their good looks and less on their good humor, personality and principals. This is obviously a generalization, but might be a fair assessment.

Often, the less attractive and more overweight individuals are friendly, pleasant and socially well
adjusted. Certainly the highly attractive people are often popular socially. It’s not that they don’t have a social life, it’s just that, they may often have that social life revolving around themselves, instead of having them blending into it in a more interactive karmically satisfying way.

However, one thing many people fail to realize is that most people find beauty intimidating and sometimes even terrifying. One might conjure images of the shy boy who is tongue-tied and miserable at the prospect of merely talking to the girl he longs for, or the timid female who can’t bring herself to tell the boy she covets how she really feels.

Since so many people allow anxiety, fear, over-thinking and fear of rejection to cause beauty and/or handsomeness to become a massive obstacle in their pursuit of that very thing, many beautiful and/or handsome people are surprisingly lonesome and isolated by the intimidation their good looks cause in potential suitors. 

One “secret” technique that can allow people to overcome the intimidating shadow beauty can cast over them and to proceed despite the threat of refection is simply to ignore beauty. Pretend the modelesque person is not especially beautiful or handsome. Don’t lavish them with compliments about their looks. They’ve heard them all before and they already know they’re attractive. Get to know them as individuals. Get to know their personalities and their tendencies, their hopes and dreams and then just treat them like a normal person. It sounds stupid, because it’s such a simple tactic, but as is often the case, hearing and understanding advice is one thing, but taking it and using it is something much more difficult all together.

Remind yourself that beauty isn’t everything. Beautiful and handsome people have weaknesses, deficiencies and problems just like ugly people. They are imperfect and flawed, often more so than their less physically attractive counterparts.

Many people put phenomenally beautiful and handsome people on a pedestal. The problem with doing that is that it often elevates them beyond their suitor’s reach and such heights of esteem are often more than they actually deserve.

Beauty is a currency. Just like money can’t buy you happiness, though many people often mistakenly believe it can, beauty provides neither assurance that you have an excellent partner, nor any guarantee of happiness.

Many beautiful and/or handsome people are greedy, conceited and selfish. Many are flighty and indecisive. It should come as no surprise, since beauty itself is ephemeral and fades over time.
If you treat beauty as a currency, remember, your investment will fade over time. If you invest in personality, your investment will increase even after the allure of beauty has long since faded.

Some people make the mistake of only seeing beauty in what people have created and said was beautiful. Don’t overlook what’s around you. Sunrises, sunsets, flowers, oceans, white clouds, blue skies: these are some of the most beautiful things you can find anywhere. Arguably, more lovely than the greatest human achievements in art, or the most amazingly perfect male or female bodies.

Another misconception is that the gorgeous beauties from movies and magazines, television and modeling, are the most beautiful people in the world. This is terribly naïve. There are so many breathtakingly beautiful people, who will never be publically recognized and so many of them have visual aesthetics that meet or exceed those who have happened to find themselves in the spotlight.
Don’t confuse public recognition for some definitive claim on beauty. Most of the world’s most attractive people are undiscovered and will probably never be recognized by the public.

When you take a moment here and there, everyday, to smell the roses, make sure you take an extra glance, a pause, a longing stare in the direction of majestic mountains, brilliant sunsets, shimmering green oceans, worldly trees, painted leaves, head-turningly gorgeous women, jaw-droppingly handsome men, the fur of velvet black cats, the painted manes of charging horses, the rainbow painted wings of butterflies, the colossal buildings of mirrored glass, the vibrant saws of lightning and the dark, ominously brooding clouds.

Remember age is a state of mind and part of being young is valuing beauty with a child-like appreciation and amazement. If you want to stay young, revere beauty and hold it in your heart.

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Nice beauty tips .
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Nice post . This is a very interesting blog.
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beautiful happy to see
Oh, those quots are so beautiful and have such a deep sense! I love all of them and I do beleive in magic too!:))And during boring working week I also find a little pleasure in searching and watching something beautiful in the evenings:))I wish that all of your dreams and dreams of all other real girls come true!xoxo

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