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Think of honesty in terms of travel. When you want to go somewhere, what’s usually the best way? The most direct, right? Anything else often takes longer, requires more effort, more expense and quite possibly, more frustration. Think of honesty as the direct route.

Think of lies in terms of detours. Do you enjoy taking detours? Most people hate them. It’s so easy to get lost and keep going and going. Detours often get us frustrated, anxious and angry. Why take a detour when you can take the direct approach?

Can lying be beneficial? Of course, but lying is like taking a short-cut to get into the lead at the quarter-mark of a marathon. You’re winning, but you’ve spent more of yourself than you should. You are morally bankrupt and your good will and camaraderie have been exhausted. Even though you are in the lead, you know that you will not win in the end, because if you had that inner fortitude, you never would’ve bothered to take an illegal short-cut in the first place. The weaker runner is eventually over-come and bested by the virtuous.

A lie is an admission that you don’t have the inner fortitude; intelligence and determination to succeed in a fair and direct manner.

Should we never lie? The answer is “yes,” but the reality is much more problematic, because we are such an emotional species. Because most people do not have their mind and emotions working together in unity: total honesty, at all times, would often create breakdowns.

In an ideal world, even what has become known as “white lies” would become obsolete, except for protecting the secret for a surprise party or a wedding proposal.

Unfortunately, the world we live in is less than perfect, especially the people in it. While the idea of instantly going “cold turkey” on all lies, half-truths and misleading comments seems simplistic and beautiful, many people who would laud the idea would also be unhappy with the results.

The key to maintaining the highest standard of honesty is to be honest as a means to maintain ones own expectation of personal integrity, self-image and honor, rather than in an attempt to further one’s own exterior agenda, by any means necessary. “Honesty” is a critical component for maintaining one’s honor.

Like lying, honesty is contagious. Telling the truth can become easier and easier and more and more satisfying, however the temptation to lie will still slip in on occasion, with gaudy promises of happiness, easy solutions and undiscovered secrecy. But who would be foolish enough to believe in the promise of a lie?

The potential benefit of a lie is substantial. A successful lie can help one achieve one’s objective with ease.

However, the benefits of honesty include all of the following; achieving ones objective with ease, minimizing complications and the likelihood of failure, building respect, trust, unity, reputation, integrity, esteem, accountability, self-worth, conviction and tangible credit.

When measured, the value hardly seems equivalent.

Honesty should not be an option from situation to situation and issue to issue. It should be a way of life.

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Logical Spiritualism - 1/18/2014 10:02:39 PM
Good comments! Thank you!

Yes, many people have said "honesty" is the most important quality they are looking for in a partner and this seems to be one of the wisest answers a person can give. It's very gratifying to hear so many people say they value honesty so highly in this world which is highly overpopulated by dishonest people.
Salomé Mora - 12/14/2013 6:01:05 AM
I really like this phrase:"Think of honesty as the direct route". At the same time I agree that exist a temptation to lie, and it´s a part of our life. For this reason we need to do a hard effort to keep our opinion and actions inside of the honesty. For me honesty is the most important feature that one person can have.
Daniela Ramirez - 11/6/2013 11:00:03 AM
Hello,I agree further that there is a phrase that says ¨There isn't truth that will not be discovered.¨ I really thing that if you say a lie sooner or later you will be obligate to say the truth because the lies are like a spiderweb each time is bigger an bigger until the moment you can't keep more the lie.

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