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A compass can face you in the right direction, but it can’t tell you which way to go.

A lot of people would like to have something that tells them which path to follow, something which relieves them of the doubt, confusion, anxiety and sense of responsibility they might experience while making such monumental decisions.

They find a substitute, or “crutch,” for their own moral compass, their own rational mind, in parents, religion, philosophy, controlling spouses, etc.

In reality, billions of people never even find their crutch and simply navigate through life in a herd-mentality, doing what they think is expected of them and rarely , or never, looking for other routes and better alternatives, which might allow them an opportunity to blaze their own trail. 

People put blinders on cart animals to limit their vision to what’s directly in front of them and to limit their options. Shockingly, many people do this to themselves. They put on blinders and stagger forward like some kind of half-baked zombies, single-destination rail trains, or asses chasing carrots.

Of course, some people will say that putting blinders on can be a great thing! They will point out that having single-minded focus toward your objective, when you’ve clearly defined it, can be a great asset in reaching your goals. There is some truth to this. Single-minded focus on one objective has some benefits; elimination of distractions and a potential increase in commitment, determination, effort and tenacity.

Proceeding toward a goal with blinders on, is preferable to wandering in the herd mentality and simply being clueless, however, it’s never the best way, since seeing things from only one perspective eliminates your ability to see adjacency moves.

Without utilizing your full range of vision, you are a chess player, who can only move forward. You are unable to move diagonally or backwards and  that’s very limiting. In fact you wouldn’t even be able to use most of your chess pieces, just like you wouldn’t be able to use most of your attributes in life.

Think of the famous statement, “Sometimes you have to take one step backward, in order to take two steps forward.” This is frequently true and eliminating the option of changing direction, will often hurt your chances of success, even if your objective is only to go forward.

Here’s a physical example of this. You’re trying to get to a town as quickly as possible. You decide that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so you continue walking, but find to your surprise that your friend, who is much slower than you, has arrived first. How did this happen?

Simple. Your friend analyzed the situation and knew that the best way to reach the goal directly in front of them wasn’t straight forward. Your friend looked at a map and knew that most of the trip would be uphill and over some steep hills, if they went forward. Instead, they went sideways, into a ravine, where the path was much easier and they successfully arrived at their goal, much sooner than your single-mindedness would allow.  

If you play a simple opponent, moving in only one direction, it may be enough to win, but playing an advanced game, or in the game of life, where unforeseen things happen and things often come at you from all directions, you can only benefit from a 360 degree view of your position.

Seeing “the big picture” allows you to locate shortcuts, anticipate obstacles and prepare for them before they happen, adjust your strategy (if necessary) and have an increased confidence level, because you have all your bases covered.

Consider a baseball analogy. If you only have first base covered and you decide to rely on your pitching and fielding to get all of your opponents out on the first try, eventually some players will reach second and third base and unfortunately, you’re likely to be completely unprepared for that eventuality.

You may think that having a global picture of your position, of having more options and more information will derail your attempts to have single-minded commitment to accomplishing your goals, but it needn’t be a hindrance.

You can maintain the same drive, determination and tenacity and still allow yourself more options for movement, adjustment and strategic adaptation.

Instead of a lumbering juggernaut, only moving in one direction, you will be even more invincible. You will be a massive juggernaut with wings.  

Of course, this is all well and good, but the important questions you may be asking yourself now are, “How should I choose my direction” and “How can I ensure that I stay on the correct path?”

Well, some would say, “You should follow your heart,” but this is a rather simplified version of the truth. It reaches to the very core of Logical Spiritualism, that you combine the heart, or the spiritual, with rational thinking, or critical thought. Both together, are better than either one separately.

Now, some will argue, “What about Mahatma Ghandi? He did a starvation diet to precipitate peace and he nearly died. That’s not rational self-preservation and if he hadn’t thought with his heart, he wouldn’t have been half the man he was. Nor would he have had such a positive effect on the world.”

Well, two things…

First, Ghandi is a great example of combining rational thought with spiritualism. He was a great thinker and a profound visionary, whose overall goals were established by his morality, integrity and spirituality. But Ghandi found each step on the ladder to his objectives through rational thought. 

For example, Ghandi, easily could have committed suicide to make a profound statement in the name of peace. It would’ve been quicker, easier and less painful. However, he chose a prolonged, painful fast, based on his critical thinking. The prolonged fast allowed people the necessary time to comply with his request for peace and also allowed Ghandi a chance to survive, which allowed him to continue working toward his goals.

When you decide on your direction, you should let your heart be your guide. Use your morality, virtue and spirituality. Then temper your vision with rational thought and well conceived critical thinking to map out your full direction and the route it will take to reach your destination.

Live. Watch. Listen. Seek experience. Learn. Train. Experience hardship. Seek out wisdom. Question everything. Use brainstorming, word mapping and visualization. Ask for and consider advice. Use critical thinking. Determine  the pros and cons of your options. Strive for self-improvement. Draw out your map and fight with everything you have to reach your objective, not with tunnel-vision, but with your eyes wide open, your heart beating like a sledgehammer and your hands on fire.  


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Bella - 8/18/2018 5:07:15 AM
Your companion dissected the circumstance and realized that the most ideal approach to achieve the objective specifically before them wasn't straight forward. Your companion took a gander at a guide and realized that the greater part of the excursion would be tough and over some lofty slopes, Black Friday Deals on the off chance that they went ahead. Resolute spotlight on one goal has a few advantages; end of diversions and a potential increment in responsibility, assurance, exertion and tirelessness.
Anna - 8/15/2018 11:40:08 PM
Effortlessly could have submitted suicide to put forth a significant expression for the sake of peace. It would've been faster, simpler and less agonizing. In any case, he picked a drawn out, difficult quick, in light of his basic reasoning. The drawn out quick permitted individuals the important time to conform to his demand for peace and furthermore permitted Explainer Video Company an opportunity to survive, which enabled him to keep moving in the direction of his objectives.
google - 7/19/2018 12:19:48 PM
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Ashton Schaffer - 7/4/2018 11:19:04 PM
Compass can show the direction just by the east west and north south but those are right directions how that will confirm. What is the right direction for the students and how long time it will right for them so on assignment australia - visit website the direction of the prosperity and rectify are given.
vsdv - 7/4/2018 11:17:22 PM

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