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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is meant to bring us together in love and harmony and yet we find so many of us splintered into factions by the perennial awkwardness of this day…

There are those teeming with love and romantic sentiment, chomping at the bit, like quivering racehorses awaiting the gate to let lose at full tilt in whatever direction romantic indulgence takes them.

And there are those thoughtful and rebellious, willful and self-directed, who resent mightily being reminded in bold red lettering with lacy fringe and a million paper hearts that this is the day chosen for them to be romantic, that this is the day earmarked for them to spend dubious amounts of money and why, to prove they care?

Then there are those on the outside looking in, like spectators at some great game. Some would cut themselves and bleed for a solitary day of true romantic rapture. Others avert their eyes from romance with the same dismissive hand gesture they use when someone reminds them to wear a coat when it’s too warm. 

On this February 14th, wake with the wide eyes of unjaded youth. If you are romantic, be romantic. Indulge yourself and your partner. When we do not follow our hearts when someone else has merely told us to, it is a cancerous obstinacy. If you are romantic, seize every opportunity to revel in the matrimony of love and the joyousness of rapture.

Certainly it is not for candy stores and card shops to order you to demonstrate your affections on cue and they have done it as they do every year, but this day is unlike any other. This is like a free ticket for someone who loves to travel, or an invitation to partake in an ice-cream festival for someone with a sweet tooth.

You have been cordially invited on this February 14th, to celebrate with the entire world, the uncanny machinations of love and the tender wanderings of our hearts. Don’t turn away merely because you are expected; instead embrace it with the same thrall and pageantry as a birthday! 

All the trappings of Valentine’s Day are nothing but the imminent migration of a flock of words, but even this can astonish in its beauty and pageantry. Embrace it!

By Evan Marquisee
February 14, 2014

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