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Conservation, recycling, cessation of pollution and littering, reseeding, reforestation, water purification: these are all honorable and well-intentioned pursuits.

Many people litter and say, “Well, everyone else is doing it, why can’t I? What difference does it make?” The answer is simple. It makes a big difference, because 1+1=2 and 2+2=4. You do the math and expand your thinking.

Look at the horrible smog over Mexico City, or the radical global changes being caused by the Greenhouse Effect. These massive and nearly insurmountable problems were caused by a vast collection of individuals, each one muttering, “What difference does one person make?” And later, “Everyone else is doing it, why can’t I?”

The next time you start to throw a gum wrapper on the ground or drop a soda can out of your car window, think about what would happen if 100 people did the same exact thing. Can you imagine the same scene after 100 people have done what you’re about to do? Does it still look nice? Is it worse? Would people enjoy being in that area after that?

Now you may say to yourself, “There are no 1,000, there are not even 100 people. It’s just one gum wrapper. It’s just one soda can.”  But it’s not. Your effect is cumulative. The example you set is cumulative. Everything builds on one another. Like it or not, you are a role model to others and others are already making the same mistakes as you. Against all logic, many of them will continue, but you don’t have to.  Be an icon and a role-model for positive change.

What if someone else is deciding whether or not to throw their McDonald’s bag on the ground and they just saw you throw your gum wrapper down. They’ll be more likely to liter as well. It shouldn’t work that way, but for many, it does. The “well, everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t I mentality” is in full-effect.

Perhaps they don’t even see you, but they’re trying to assess whether to throw their candy bar wrapper on the sidewalk. If the sidewalks were clean and trash free, an example would’ve been set and they might’ve been swayed to abide by the presiding sentiment, instead, they see your gum wrapper on the pavement and decide the area’s already dirty and it’s okay to toss their own trash on the ground, with little guilt.
Just like it often takes a group effort to complete a project at work or to win a team sports competition, environmentalism requires a collective effort and that begins with one person at a time, one step at a time.

The forests are dying. The atmosphere is changing and seemingly not for the better. The Earth itself is rebelling with a flurry of natural disasters, such as the human race has never seen. There have been recent tsunamis in Japan, tornadoes and hurricanes in the U.S. and some of the worst earthquakes in history, striking around the globe. The message seems clear. We are destroying our planet.
We call our planet “Mother Earth.” Well then, the incestuous greed and convenience-induced rape of our planet is nothing less than insidious and nothing more than a lethargic mass genocide

The American Indians lived off the land for thousands of years and left no ill effect, but modern civilization is unlike any before. We are the only animal who frequently worsens its environment so much, that we are literally killing ourselves. Birds build nests. Bees build hives. Humans build nuclear weapons that can destroy the entire planet 10-times over.  You would think that as the self-proclaimed “intelligent life” on our planet, we would be considerably smarter. 

Though dramatic change is called for immediately, dramatic change of this sort takes time. So LS asks for a realistic pledge. If you agree that helping the environment and keeping the Earth clean and life-bearing should be a priority, please agree to do your part, by selecting 10 of the following things you can do to help and then doing them.

Here is a list of 31 things you can do to help improve, save and preserve the environment and our natural resources…

1.    Turn off lights during the day

This will reduce your energy bill and save you money.

2.    Carpool

Carpooling will save you money, reduce driving-stress and you might make some new friends.

3.    Water plants in the morning and at night

Save water and money, because more water will nourish your plants, while less water will evaporate in the hot sun.

4.    Take showers instead of baths and keep showers short

Save your water, money and time.

5.    Change clothes, not room temperatures

Save a bundle on your heating and cooling bill & you’ll probably be more comfortable too

6.    Run errands by walking or riding your bike whenever possible

Save money and the exercise will do you good? Plus, you’ll see what else is around. Maybe you’ll discover a great new store or restaurant, which you can enjoy later!

7.    Reduce unnecessarily bright light-bulbs

Save electricity and money and reduce the unnecessary stress on your eyes

8.    Use candles at night

Save money on electricity and increase the romantic ambiance in your household

9.    Know what you want before you open the refrigerator

Save money on cooling and keep your food fresher

10.    Use the sun to heat

Save money on your heating and allow the sun to improve your mood and give you your needed vitamin D dosage

11.    Use the air through the open windows to cool

Enjoy the fresh air, while saving money on cooling expenses

12.    Recycle

Help preserve our natural resources. You can even get money back for some of your cans and bottles

13.    Make sure air-conditioned or heated areas are well sealed & insulated

Save money on your heating and cooling, while improving your own comfort

14.    Don’t use tanning salons

Save your health. Lower your likelihood of cancer. Save your money. Save electricity.

15.    When it’s hot, use your basement

Save your money on cooling and enjoy comfortable temperatures more immediately

16.    Turn off the shower & water faucet, while you soap

Save water and help the environment, while reducing your water bill

17.    Reseed

Planting new trees and plants helps put life-giving oxygen in the air, reduce global temperatures and creates habitats for countless species of birds, animals and insects. The fresh air, exercise and feeling of accomplishment will also be good for you.

18.    Switch to fluorescent light bulbs

Save electricity and money and enjoy the added benefit of changing your light-bulbs less frequently

19.    Use two pane windows to increase insulation

Save electricity and save on heating and cooling expenses

20.    Use fans, instead of air conditioning

Fans can be even more effective and refreshing than air conditioning, while requiring a fraction of the electricity and the cost

21.    Volunteer & do area clean-ups

Improve your environment and your view, while giving yourself the opportunity to make valuable social and/or professional contacts

22.    Unplug cell phone chargers, when not in use

Save electricity and money

23.    Pay bills via internet

Save your time, but also save money on gas and reduce pollution and traffic congestion

24.    Consolidate your errands

Save your time, but also save money on gas and reduce pollution and traffic congestion

25.    Clean air conditioning filters regularly

Reduce your chances of illness, while improving the efficiency of your cooling unit, thereby saving electricity and money

26.    Use shades or blinds on windows during hot days

Save electricity and money, while increasing your personal privacy

27.    Keep tires in good condition and properly inflated and maintained

Increase your car’s performance, safety and longevity, while saving gas and money and reducing pollution

28.    Buy fuel efficient cars

Save money and gas

29.    Get regular tune-ups for your car

Save money and gas, while increasing the longevity and safety of your vehicle

30.    Air-dry dishes

Save electricity and money

31.    Try to influence friends, family and co-workers to do their part for the environment

While helping the environment, your friends, loved ones and colleagues may appreciate that you’re saving them money. You can also make a good impression at work and enjoy fun new social opportunities, planned around mutually gratifying pro-environmental activities. Tell your friends!

Of course, incorporating 10 of these pro-environmental actions into your daily life is only the beginning. Hopefully, you can incorporate 10 more after six months and then the final 10 after that. Hopefully, this sets you on the proper path and you can continue to look for new ways to be environmentally friendly.

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buy phd dissertation - 12/23/2018 1:53:02 AM
The whole article is followed with our common efforts like environmentalism. These days are really needed the most important resources and news about logical spiritualism on environment for having so many details.
Hassan - 7/25/2018 6:12:36 AM
Indeed, a clean environment provides a vital source of encouragement as well as gives you a clean boost to perform your daily work actively. But now days many people don't care about that. Giving a example, going to a park and throwing the garbage or plastic bags without any care rather disposing them properly. A clean healthy environment provides you a comfort that you are searching for in my opinion.
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Hannna Soto - 12/11/2013 7:19:51 PM
Mónica Corrales - 12/6/2013 2:57:47 PM
Another thing you can do to save and preserve enviroment is not use straws. Also you can avoid to print, is better if you read from the computer. Try to recycle and be conscious of the damage that humans have done to the enviroment.
Daniela Ramirez - 11/6/2013 10:33:07 AM
I agree with this, and I try to accomplish some of those, but when I try to influence to my friends or my family I realized that everybody has an excuse, Also I have other suggestions about things that you can do, for explain try to use a spoon to remove your coffee and don't the removers or the straws. Also When you go to a restaurant, and you see that the restaurant uses Styrofoam containers try don't request for takeaway because the Styrofoam is very harmful for the environment and is very difficult to recycle.

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