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10 Ways To Get Your Girl


Women love men who are self-confident without being overly arrogant. Being overly self-conscious and unsure of yourself can send women running and not in your direction.


Women love it when you show a genuine interest in their lives. Women generally love to talk about themselves and their feelings and the daily trials and tribulations. If their thoughts and feelings become your most interesting hobby, you might become theirs.


Most women want a man who can talk about his feelings and string sentences together without sounding stupid. This also goes back to the issue of confidence. Women don’t like overt “players,” but they love smooth-talkers.


One of the biggest mistakes men make is almost immediately telling a potential love interest how beautiful they are. Sure, some women like that and sometimes it works, but more often than not, you’re losing ground in your attempt to reach your prize.


Well, first of all, they already know they’re beautiful. They may politely deny it, but they know. Most beautiful women have been told they’re beautiful and praised by everyone from family and friends to the guy who pumps gas at the local gas station. So not only are you re-stating the obvious, which isn’t particularly attractive, you are also lumping yourself in with all the other guys who tell her the same things.

Secondly, while most women may appreciate compliments about their body and appearance, it’s far more appealing to most women to receive compliments about their personality, interests and/or way of living their lives.

It’s easy for a man to tell a woman she’s beautiful, because men are visually oriented creatures, but remember that what most women covet more is a genuine interest in their personality, their lives and who they are as people. Complimenting a woman’s looks is really telling the woman, “What I’m really paying attention to is how you look, not who you are” and that generally isn’t the best way to get a girl.


It’s hard to start a modern relationship without taking the girl out on the town. Most women want to be wined and dined a bit. They want a sense of adventure and a bright and entertaining future ahead. They may not say it, but they also want to see whether or not you think they are worth spending money on.

Sure it sucks in a way, but having more money is a very beneficial attribute in attracting women. Even if they’re not golddiggers who worship the all-mighty dollar, there is still a great attraction in the idea that you will have enough financial resources to live an exciting life full of some extravagances and freedoms.


Yes, women like men who are open and honest, but it doesn’t mean you have to tell them every single detail about yourself all at once. Save some for later. Courtships and relationships are long processes when they are going well, you can save some surprises and some interesting conversations for later.

For example, if you own your own restaurant, instead of telling the girl in the first few minutes of the date and sounding conceited and/or desperate to impress, why not wait and when the topic comes up later, you can wow her with a nice surprise that will maintain your sense of mystery while holding her interest in you.

Or when you are exchanging names during a greeting, you can conveniently forget to give your name and keep the conversation focused on her for a while. Women like to have the attention on themselves and you create a bit of mystery (which women like) by withholding information and many women like a challenge, so they will work to get the details you left out. If they like you enough, they will make sure they get your name later, so don’t worry about it.


It’s ingrained in men to try to impress the women they like, however, there’s a system-malfunction in the male mental program and men generally try to do this through feats of strength, endurance and physical competition…things most women are neither interested in, nor impressed by.

Correct your internal program by trying to impress women with the things that women actually do care about and are really impressed by…things like making them laugh, having interesting conversations and taking an honest and lasting interest in their lives and who they are as people.


The importance of getting potential love interests to laugh and laugh often cannot be understated. Laughter heals, helps, invigorates and generally makes people happy. 


Don’t be a stalker. Remember, even if a woman really likes you, women generally prefer to go through the courtship process at a slower pace than men and this is especially true in the sexual arena.

Just be patient. Give her time to take an interest in you. Give her time to fall in love with you. Women think so much that it generally takes them longer to figure things out and make decisions.
It’s said that “Good things come to those who wait” and the truth is that when everything you want finally does come to you, it’ll probably be that much better because you had to wait for it and you’ll appreciate it that much more.


If you understand how to read body language, you can tell in a few seconds and without uttering a word, whether or not someone in the room has an interest in you or not. This way, you don’t waste your time and face unnecessary rejections. Also, you can focus on the women who really do want your attention.

For example, you are spending time with a group of friends and there’s a girl you are interested in, but she doesn’t touch her face or hair around you (which would indicated interest). She doesn’t display an interest in proximity, so she doesn’t get close to you (which would’ve indicated interest) and she almost never points her feet toward you (which would’ve indicated interest). Even if she talks to you, she’s probably not romantically interested in you, so if you’re smart you will decide not to waste your time on her and instead, get to know some other girls or spend more time chatting with your guy friends.

Who knows, it’s unlikely, but she might even become impressed by your lack of interest in her and become interested in you on that basis, or on the basis of her potential jealousy if you consistently show more interest in other people. Sometimes less really is more.

By Evan Marquisee

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6 comment(s).
DEBEM BOXER 81 - 4/14/2018 2:22:50 AM
To get the girl you like, doing the other thing is never enough.
Anyway thank you for the post!
Dario Artavia - 12/12/2013 11:35:35 AM
Those are important things to remeber when we are in a kind of date and also when we are meeting new girls, but there is mising one, and old one (one of the weirdest in this time) be Polite, Open the car door for her, wait until she takes the first sit, those things are also important... (well after all I think al this things must be done always not only on dates)
Priscilla Robles Bermúdez - 12/8/2013 4:23:53 PM
I love men when they like to have a good conversation and laughing a lot.
Women are not complicated jaja really no!. In my case #4 it´s important to men know! I know that I am beautiful, I will prefer that my "lover" try to say other characteristics of me, that other girls has not. #10. If men actually succeed in deciphering the body language of a woman, would be amazing in all fields of life. For that reason I recomend to know the girls, her feelings and her ideas.
Mónica Corrales - 12/6/2013 7:56:44 AM
I think a guy sometimes should be difficult, because ladies like challenges. Its nice to talk with a intelligent men, I don´t like when they only talk about himself or cars. Please, don´t flirt with her friends, and be nice with her family, take time to meet them.
Karla P - 11/28/2013 8:01:39 PM
I think you have the perfect guide for men to find her future Girlfriend !! I´m completly agree with rule # 1 be confident is one of the most attractive things in a men, because that means he cares of himself and knows what he is. For a girl is boring talk with guy without confidence.
Rule # 8 is also magnific, when a guy makes you laugh you will feel comfortable and the conversation will always be interesting.
For me rule # 11 Be social, when she introduce a friend or family, talk with them and be part of the conversations.
José Alexander Jiménez - 11/25/2013 8:16:49 PM
10 ways to get your girl

This topic is very common in the society, because the love is in every corner of our lives, I think thats advices are true, but, i think that the money you have is less important than the personality and respect you have with her.

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