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10 Ways to Get Your Guy


Many women would like to find the “perfect” man and engage in some otherworldly romantic relationship, but when you ask them what they do, they don’t do anything that would put them in the vicinity of the men they would be interested in.

They need to ask themselves, “Where are the type of men that I’m interested in? What are they doing?” and then the girl should try to put herself in those arenas to give those men an opportunity.

For example, if a woman really likes strong healthy men who have great bodies, perhaps she should spend some time at gyms, where she can interact with those type of men. If a woman prefers an intelligent book-smart man, perhaps she should go back to school and take some computer classes, so she’ll be able to interact with that type of man. If you have a favorite sports team, go to bars when your team is playing and mingle with some of the fans of your team. You know you already have something important in common! Maybe you’ll find another fan who has more in common with you than you think.

Imagine you’re trying to see some exotic animals. Each animal tends to have its own natural environment. If you don’t go to the natural habitat of those animals, your chances of finding them are exceedingly small.


This also falls under the heading of “Think Like a Man,” but it’s so important that it’s worth mentioning separately.

Many women want men to love them for their personality and what’s on the inside, but here’s a news-flash, this cannot happen, unless the man has an opportunity to interact with you and get to know you. Realistically, men are attracted to your looks first, not your personality, because it’s very difficult for them to see it or gauge what type of person you are without interacting.

Remember men are highly visual, much more so than women, so if you want to get to know a guy, you are still wise to prey upon men’s reliance on visual stimulation. Get dressed up. Look sexy. Use your physical attributes to attract prospects. There’s nothing slutty or low-class about that. It’s human nature. Both of you will have plenty of time to see if your happy with what’s on the inside as you go through the process of getting to know each other.

Most men do care about your personality and want you to have a good one, so they can fall in love with you, but for men, that’s the second step, after they’ve found you physically attractive. Unfortunately, if you never have that first step, it’s unlikely that there will be a second one.


Many women lament that they are still single, and that the guy they are interested in doesn’t sweep them off their feet. They complain that when they are at a party or in a bar men don’t approach them. Guess what…most men are a little stupid.

Where women reportedly have 16 areas of the brain devoted to communication, men only have 4, so they are often slow to pick up on body language signals and sometimes even obvious verbal hints miss their mark.

Just consider that many times when you feel like you are waving a big green flag at the man, he is still trying to figure out if you’re looking at him, or something behind him.

Many women enjoy the game of sending little veiled messages and signals to men and seeing how they respond, but for many men, such signals are a foreign language on par with Latin. You’re better off exaggerating your physical signals and verbal clues, so you’re sure he gets your messages…after all, in a way, men are…mentally challenged.


Women have a tendency to make everything complicated and men hate complication, so this is very simple. If you want men to like you, try to minimize the complication you bring to their lives, or even to each individual date.

Try not to take 2 hours to get ready. Try to answer questions directly, so if he asks you what restaurant you’d like to go to, just try to answer the question, instead of having your eyes swimming in your head as though you have no idea what a restaurant is and you’re trying to figure it out.

Try not to adjust your plans for the evening because you feel different clothes or shoes would be more appropriate.

Remember, you are thinking like a man and men care less about the details than you do. Men just want to do something fun and keep it simple. They care a lot that you look wonderful, but they also don’t want to wait 2 hours and be late for the movie.

5.    GO FAST

In case you hadn’t noticed, most women like to take things slow and most men prefer to go fast.

This doesn’t mean you need to sleep with your love-interest on the first date, but in terms of time sharing, what this often means is that if a guy is really interested in you, he wants to see you a lot and he wants to see you now. If you make yourself available to the man to move the relationship ahead at a rapid pace and he really likes you, he’ll continue to be mentally and physically entranced.

If you keep pumping the breaks, he may get frustrated and move on to someone who’s more available.

Contrary to common belief, most guys prefer girls who do not play hard to get and if you can’t make enough time to play out the intoxicating courtship, you’re not only missing out on what’s probably the best part of any relationship, you’re probably going to miss out on the guy.


Women complain that they were glancing repeatedly at the object of their affection and smiling, but he just didn’t come over.

What many women fail to notice is that it’s extremely intimidating, daunting and downright scary for a man to approach a woman and risk the fear of rejection.

If you’re chatting with your friends incessantly and never give the man you’re interested in an opportunity to approach you alone, then you’re only exacerbating the situation by making him risk his ego in front of a crowd of strangers. Unfortunately, for most men this is just too intimidating and if you don’t give your guy a one-on-one opening, many men are likely to give up their quest.


One thing that’s been left out of suggestion 1-6 is that women are not powerless in these situations. In fact, strong confident women are taking the process of meeting men into their own hands and don’t need to wait for men to make the first move anymore.

If you like a guy, why wait for him to approach you and wonder if he’ll take the chance, when you can just walk over and introduce yourself, strike up a conversation, or hand him your phone number. Guys love that! Of course, now you put the fear of rejection squarely on your shoulders, but you’re a big girl, you can handle it.


Try to think of activities and things you like and then try to think of some of those activities your dream guy might like too. If you can think of a place where people do or talk about those things, go hang out there. If you’re looking for the African lion, you’re more likely to find him in Africa.


Most men like to have their own life outside of the relationship. They may love you and want to spend tons of time with you, but it’s likely they’ll still want “alone-time” and time with family and friends. Be available for your potential mate, but also give him some space.

Demanding tons of time and attention can be a relationship killer and being too jealous or controlling can be even worse.

When it’s right, what you set free is more likely to come back to you.


When you’re throwing flirtatious glances across the room at a prospective mate, or even later, after you’ve been dating a few weeks, be careful.

One of the mistakes women make when they’re smiling and laughing and seem to be having a great time to try to attract a prospective suitor, is that if they appear to be having this fabulous time with another male friend, the man they’re really interested in may think you’re interested in the other guy, or perhaps even think you’re a couple and decide not to pursue further. It doesn’t hurt to make it clear to prospective interests that you’re focusing your attention on them and only them. 

*Note; Many people believe that if a woman has sex with a man that it his her best chance to snag him. While this is generally true for the short-term and sex may also help a woman keep a man, it also has nearly the same ability to end a relationship faster. If the man isn't serious about the girl, or is disappointed by her personality or her situation once he gets to know her, or if the sex is bad, there's a good chance once the man has satiated his primal urges, he will move on. So, sex in the case of imperfect or short-term relationships is often likely to speed the relationship's demise, rather than allowing the woman to keep her man.

By Evan Marquisee

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8 comment(s).
dinesh - 5/15/2018 11:25:50 AM
really amazing information
DEBEM BOXER 50 - 4/14/2018 2:24:36 AM
Remember that men have a very high image, more than women, so if you want to find out a guy, you're still wise to hunt based on male stimulation. Wear clothes. Use physical attributes to attract prospects. Look sexy. There is nothing slutty or low-class about that. Both of you will have plenty of time to see if you are satisfied with what's inside when you go through the mutual learning process. It is human nature.
Dario Artavia - 12/12/2013 4:26:30 PM
Thats the male thinking!!! every word you have said is TRUEE, Sometimes girls are more reservated and don´t give us a chance to understand that they are interested on us; at least for me it is imposible to know when a girl is interested on maybe because of my lakeness of sociability rules (No I´m not a geek), so I really hope girls become more "male thinking" but without looking wonderfull as they should!!!
Gloriana Garita - 12/10/2013 7:03:44 PM
It is been said, that for example if you are a cop, and you really want to catch thieves, then you should think like them, so this way you will have more chances to guess their next move, well same thing in this case, if you are trying to “catch” a man, then try to think like him, it will definitely make it easier.
On the second place, the first contact we have between humans is of course visual, you cannot say you know someone of haven´t even seen that someone, and specially on guys the first thing they look for to feel attracted, is what they see, so be honest, we got help ourselves, we are good looking they will want to have contact with us, and that point they could begin to for example to know our personality, but been honest, the first thing will be the visual contact.
Priscilla Robles Bermúdez - 12/8/2013 4:03:36 PM
I agree with Karla and Aliza Castro.

Woman need to decide what kind of relatioship would to have. Because, all those tips to me means that girls are desperate and need to conquist someone and that is not the idea. Girls needs tips to find the real love, the perfect man.
For me it´s important to have initiative in the relationship like invite him to go out, or ask about his cellphone number, but make sex, I am agree with Aliza, it´s the stupid way to
bind someone.
Mónica Corrales - 12/6/2013 8:10:30 AM
I learn a lot with this article. Be honest, if you only want to have fun, said it to him, so everyone knows the rules, and don´t get hurt. Don´t be a "barbie girl" please.
Aliza Castro - 11/27/2013 8:05:03 PM
I agree with the last idea of not having sex with the man because it could have a negative effect on the relationship. By not having sex with the man she is letting him know her in the best way; the man gets to know her personality and all the things that really matter.
Karla - 11/9/2013 8:13:30 PM
This is such a funny article! When I read the title I thought i´m going to laugh a lot, and guess what? That happened!
The difficult part is that you will never have the perfect rules, because once you know someone really important for you, instantly you´re going to forget all the "tips" you know.
Every rule in the article will help to change the girly mind in women.

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