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10 Best Ways to Meet People

10 Bars and nightclubs

If you’re single and you want to meet a partner to have a relationship, or if you would simply like to make some new friends, the first places most people envision are bars, pubs or nightclubs. This says so much about the sad state of affairs in human interaction.

Sure, bars and drinking can be fun and occasionally they are great ways to meet people, but it’s downright astounding that a better option hasn’t replaced them, long ago, as the preferred place to meet people.

There are many problems with bars and nightclubs. First, many bars are uncomfortable, with hard wooden or steel chairs that hardly invite patrons to spend a lot of time there. Many bars and clubs are smoky, which is horrible for your health and also too noisy to hold good conversations. Further, many patrons may be partially or completely inebriated, which may lead to bad choices. To make matters worse, someone under the influence of alcohol is likely to act much different than they normally would, so there’s little guarantee that the people you’re meeting is actually the same people they will be in the light of day.

Another, draw-back is that bars and nightclubs are still businesses and they’re going to cost money. Many bars and clubs have door charges and in addition, if you’re planning on drinking, you’re looking at more monetary expenditure and unwanted calories. Arguably the worst thing about a bar is that, if you’re going there to meet people, you still need to find a way to strike up a conversation with someone who’s often a complete stranger. So in many cases, people spend copious amounts of time at bars hoping to meet people, but never approach anyone, because they are too intimidated.

All this being said, bars and clubs remain the most recognized haven for singles and people looking to mingle and in many cases, despite all the drawbacks, it works as a social intermediary.

9. The gym

One of the best ways to meet people is to do an activity you enjoy, in a place where you can meet other people who share your interest. The gym is a place that fits this bill perfectly, especially since so many people love to exercise.

Asking a question about how to use a work-out machine, what exercises a person recommends, or what the proper technique is for a stretch, can be easy ice-breakers for those looking to make new friends and mingle. Many gyms also offer classes like dance, cardio-kickboxing, volleyball, spinning and yoga, which may also allow for increased social opportunities.

8. Volunteer

By volunteering, you’re helping the world and probably your self-esteem, as well. Helping others, generally makes people feel good about themselves. However, many people don’t realize that volunteering can be a great way to meet people.

In many cases, you will be working with like minded individuals, sharing a common goal and interest. Search out the volunteer organizations in your area. You may benefit your community and the specific people you’re helping, but your generosity may actually benefit yourself as well.

7. Travel

Travel is a wonderful hobby and it’s great, whether you’re looking to meet people, or not. But there are a number of advantages to traveling. One is that people are commonly more interested in new people and people from different areas. Secondly, people who are traveling commonly loosen their inhibitions and relax, so they are often more approachable and more receptive.

The sentiment is largely that you’re never going to see any of these people again, so a social mistake, won’t be magnified by haunting your personal life. Any mistakes, or actions that might be harshly judged by others will generally end with your vacation.

Group tours, based on interest, are a wonderful way to meet people. Go on a bird watching tour to Thailand, yoga excursion in Costa Rica, or a volleyball cruise in the Bahamas. There are even singles tours and cruises available. Just search the internet, or ask a travel agent. 

Staying in hostels may be less sanitary and more dangerous for your possessions, but it can also be a great way to interact with other travelers, especially for young people. Some hostels have been described as constant parties, with attendees from all over the world. 

6. Work

Work is a great place to meet people, because you see them every day and are forced to interact. People often become much more attractive, when they become familiar. Someone you normally might not have considered the slightest bit attractive, might become very attractive once you’ve come to know them as a person and spent time with them.

The danger with starting a relationship with someone you work with and the reason this option isn’t ranked higher on this list, is that if the relationship doesn’t work out, it can alter your work environment and cause horrible problems in your professional life. Work can be a wonderful way to meet new people, especially in a large company with many co-workers, but it’s risky, because the repercussions can be disastrous.

5. Speed dating

In certain areas, where progressive thinking is the norm, like California, “speed dating” or “rapid dating,” as it is often commonly known, is very popular. Speed dating often consists of 12 to 50 men and women, who rotate through 6 to 25 two to five minute “dates,” with total strangers. After meeting these people and talking to each of them for a few minutes, they can tell the organizers if they would like to talk to any of those people again. If so, the organization will exchange the two people’s contact information, so that they can contact each other in the future.

Some people find the artificialness and structure of speed dating disturbing and the socializing itself intimidating, but for most of the participants, speed dating is a fast, affordable, interesting and convenient way to meet lots of viable singles in a very short period of time.

Consider that dating is a lot like sales, it’s a numbers game. For example: a man might take a woman on a date and pay $80 for dinner and a movie. If it doesn’t work out, he’s faced with what may be a very long and uncomfortable evening, spent with a date he has no connection with. On top of that, he’s out nearly $100 and is faced with the prospect of shelling out the same amount of money and time, for his next date, which may finish up just as badly.

With speed dating, he’s likely to spend $40 to $60 dollars, but he will raise his percentage of possible matching connections from 1 to as many as 30. In addition, it’s a guarantee that he will never get stuck on a horrendous six-hour date with someone who is likewise wishing that they were anywhere but there.  

4. School

Many people meet their future wives and husbands at a high school, college, or university and for most people, they will never go through more relationships and sexual liaisons than they will during their time in college.

Right now, Colleges and Universities are probably the best place to meet people, bar none. The inherent danger, however, is that social activities may derail your educational goals. Many people have a great time in college and meet a lot of fun people, but before they know it, they flunk out and their college experience is over.

Another drawback, is that high schools, colleges and universities are generally comprised of young people, whose immaturity shows, as they make many mistakes due to their inexperience and/or inebriation. College has more than its fair share of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and alcohol enhanced mistakes. Once people graduate from college, they might not have quite as much fun, but they do tend to be a little more responsible and make fewer mistakes.

3. Internet dating

Sites like “” and “” have customers fill-out questionnaires and answer questions about themselves to complete a personal profile. This is a wonderful part of the process, because for many people, this is probably the most detailed self-analysis and evaluation they will ever do in their lives. This is a sad truth, but only adds to the value of these online dating services, which use their computer matching systems to identify eligible suitors by a range of criteria.

This process is easy, fun and relatively inexpensive. It’s become so popular that you can actually find very specific sites, which cater to very specific interests or types of people. “,” for example, features a strictly Jewish dating and social clientele.

Another benefit is that you can identify potential gems and potential duds without shelling out money for expensive dates. You can also limit the amount of time you spend online and maximize your talk time. On an online date, you might spend 1.5 hours talking. In a real-world date, you might take six hours out of your day for dinner and a movie, but you may only end up talking for 15 minutes. Internet dates can actually maximize your talk-time and thereby, expedite the process of familiarizing yourself with your prospective partner, because all you’re likely to do over the internet (during the early going) is talk.

For those who are overly cautious, internet dating is also safer, in a way, because it gives you more time to get to know your prospective date/partner, before you put yourself in physical proximity with them.
The danger with such sites is primarily that people may lie in their profiles and not be who they claim to be.  Some people hold this up as the primary reason they refuse to use online dating, but when you think about it, this isn’t much different from real life. In the real world, you can meet someone at a bar or restaurant and they can lie about their background, their beliefs, how much money they make and their marriage status, just as easily. They can even show you a fake ID with a bogus name and age.

Really, the only area that gets dicier by using online dating is the actual physical appearance of the person, which could be a lie. Despite this and some people’s concerns about possible identity theft and or teasing from others who may learn that you’re “resorting” to online dating as a means to meet people, online dating is fun, fast, easy, cheap and remarkably successful in helping people make new friends and putting couples together.

The real #1 drawback to online dating is that it’s ridiculously addictive for most people and you can find yourself spending hours upon hours, meeting, mingling and talking to a myriad of people. For most single people, this is exactly the type of problem they would like to have.

2. Shared interests

You can’t go wrong with this option! The reason is that if you are doing something you love, not only are you going to be having fun, whether you meet someone or not, but you will also be in a good mood, because you’re enjoying yourself and that will make you even more attractive to other people.

In addition, many people are good at their hobbies and being able to show that you’re good at something will also make you more appealing to potential partners.

So instead of sitting at a smoky bar, spending exorbitant amounts of money on alcohol and thinking about how you’re going to get a beer-gut, if you don’t die of cancer first, you could go to play in an indoor soccer league and get exercise, enjoy yourself and meet lots of fun new people, who share a similar interest. An additional benefit is that you don’t waste time, sitting there trying to figure out how to strike up a conversation, because all you have to do is broach the subject of your shared interest.  For example:
“Hey, you’re a pretty good soccer player. How long have you been playing?”

Unlike most options for meeting people, many interests and hobbies don’t cost a thing, for example: going for walks, running, reading books and attending free book clubs or poetry readings. The range of hobbies is nearly endless and if you meet someone while you’re doing something you love, there’s a good chance that they love that activity too and what a wonderful start to a relationship, to share a love for one of your favorite activities!

1. Get introduced by a friend or family member

Sure, there are a gazillion tales of bad blind-dates and parents pushing the wrong type of suitor on their sons or daughters. The most common reasons for this is that some people select partners for you, who they would want, instead of trying to match you with the ideal partner that you would want. Another reason is simply that many people are bad judges of character. Also, in many cases, people feel they know someone better than they really do and their confidence in them may be misplaced.

In the end though, being introduced by family or a friend is still the best way to meet people. It’s frequently the only way to meet someone where there is little or no uncomfortableness, because the introduction is made by the friend or family member. Also, due to a connection by association, it is almost a foregone conclusion that there will be no immediate rejection and there will be some sort of cordiality and social discourse between the people. So in this case, interaction is virtually guaranteed and both parties already have a positive reference from whoever introduced them. Given these elements, it’s often much easier for relationships to flourish in this low pressure environment.

An additional benefit is that the person who made the introduction can give additional insights into both suitors’ personalities, as well as provide contact information to the potential suitors.

The best way to meet people through friends usually isn’t for them to set you up on a blind date, but rather, for them to invite you and several other people to participate in a group activity; playing a board-game, having a BBQ, going to a movie, or dinner at a restaurant, where you can receive a casual, low-pressure introduction to their acquaintances. This initial introduction can expand to include future meetings at gatherings, where you can take it slow and get to know this people better, or if there’s a mutual interest, you can exchange information and start getting to know each other on your own. 

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I think, if you want to meet each other, there are many ways, not to the bars, because it is so noisy and we can not talk to each other.
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Thanks, very helpful article, for everyone who wants to find good places for date look here, I tested some of them, it really great
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Sometimes is very difficult to meet people if you are not sure what do you want and what do you hate. There are some kind of behaivors/aspects that you would like to have... some of the physical such as the color of the eyes or the color of the skin. In my opinion before you consider the idea to meet somebody ... a better idea is you try to meet yourselft and be honest about the characteristcs you desire and then share those characteristics with the people around you
Rafael Meléndez - 12/11/2013 11:50:36 PM
You left out know people waiting on a bus stop, or waiting in a line in a Bank, dentist or supermarket, you know those are some daily things. I also think that meet people in a bar is ok provided that you are looking just for spend time with someone and have a conversation, but if you are looking for a date, firstly is kind of weird, and secondly come on bro, what she makes there with you that night, can make it with someone else any other night at the bar. There are plenty of better ways to meet people like you mentioned above, get introduced by a friend or family member or sharing interests are good ones, considering that those situations can make the work more easy.
Aliza Castro Navarro - 12/11/2013 9:57:36 PM
I've never heard of the idea of meeting people when you are volunteering for something, that's very creative. I would definitely love to meet someone in a situation like volunteering; because it means that you and the person have common interests and that you maybe think alike. It also means that the person is interested in a noble cause and that the person may not be selfish.
Gloriana Garita - 12/10/2013 6:59:33 PM
I consider this ranking is set from the worst way to the best way; well it actually depends on what you really are looking for. Let me explain, i.e. if you are just looking to hang out well a bar could be a good way, but if you are trying to establish a serious relationship, honestly it will be very hard to find someone that worth it in a bar, or at the gym, at internet or speed dating, rather than it will be way better idea to meet the candidate volunteering in charity or at work or even introduced by a friend or family member, but as I said it will depend on what you really are looking for.
José Jiménez Ruiz - 12/9/2013 4:35:05 PM
I like to meet new people, It is very interesting to me to know other points of view and other different personalitites.
I have met a lot of people in my highschool and in some trips that i have done. Also get introduced by a family member or a friend it's a very good way to meet new people, I'm not totally agree with meeting people in bars/nightclubs or in internet.
Francisco - 12/8/2013 10:05:46 PM
I don't like meeting people in bars or nightclubs because most all are drunk so they act different than normal maybe when they are not drunk they are a totally different person and i don't like a place with bad music and very loud.Another way to meet friends like i did was in online video games i have met my best friends by this way.
DAVID CORDERO - 12/5/2013 2:02:22 PM
Dario Artavia - 11/2/2013 6:14:51 PM
I really liked the ideas, except for the bar, you got it right about the noise and alcohol betwen an almost interesting conversation. Here in C.R. is dificult or imposible to find those "speed dating" places (it would be a good Idea). and I totaly agree about getting introduce by a friend or family; Actually that was the way I found my 2 exgirfriends!! I guess that at the end the best way to find good parthners is "have a nice fucking attitude and listen the person you are with" that would probably help you a lot.
Logical Spiritualism - 3/26/2012 7:54:40 AM
Thanks for the added information and for reading.

It's true that introduction/matchmaking agencies can be another good way to meet people.

That being said, it's highly unlikely anyone can be certain that another person is being completely honest after a mere two hours with them. Some people decieve partners for years without being caught. Allowing for that, your point that you can get a good feel for and/or first impression of a person in two hours is probably accurate. Most of us make our initial assessment of a person in a matter of seconds.
Bill Phelan - 3/26/2012 6:12:27 AM
You left out using an introduction/matchmaking agency. This incorporates the best parts of online and includes part of " Get introduced by a friend etc". We meet all our members and spend up to 2 hours with them. We therefore know that they are who they say they are, their age , marital status etc. We are therefore forming a relationship with the member and will introduce him/her to other members based on the criteria they wish us to use.

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