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10 Ways to Ask for a Raise


5. Be Honest About What You Want

Just do it! You can schedule an appointment with your boss and sit down with them and say, “Look, I know it might not be possible right now, but I want you to know that I think I’m a valuable asset to this company and I want to continue to be valuable to this company for a long time. Because of that, I would really like to be paid better. Please keep me in mind for a raise.”

A good boss will already know what kind of employee you are and will already be aware of how important it is to retain your services. Telling them, could serve to crystallize the idea even further in their mind. A lesser boss may not be aware of the issue and bringing it to their attention could pay big dividends.

4. Do Extra Work

Smart companies tend to dole out money to those workers who are MVP’s. Supervisors often help decide who those people are. One way to work yourself into the good graces of your superiors and into the lime-light when it’s time to decide where funds are distributed is to make yourself invaluable to your company. If that means, putting in a few extra hours, or doing a few extra projects, it’s something to consider.

Just make sure your desire for a raise doesn’t allow your company to take advantage of you and your willingness to go the extra step. If you’ve been going the extra mile for a year or two and your company still hasn’t acknowledged your commitment, you might be better off moving on to a company that will.

3. Don’t Complain

Bosses and supervisors don’t like to hear their subordinates complaining. That type of gossip can poison a work environment, steal motivation from other workers and derail productivity.

When it’s time for your superiors to decide whether you deserve a raise, the last thing you want them thinking is that you’re an office poison, that they’d rather be without.

2. Be on Time

Being late to work does not sit well with bosses. Some companies will fire you after your first few offenses. For those that don’t, consider the impression your tardiness is making on your superiors.

Good leaders love to reward workers who are working hard at their desks at 7 or 8 in the morning, not the employees who show up 45 minutes late, looking like they just rolled out of bed and then need an additional 10 minutes to power up with a cup of coffee and office gossip.

1. Do Exceptional Work

Nothing will speak louder of your worthiness and value, than doing exceptional work! Your work speaks for you, so you don’t need to say a thing. If you work hard, show initiative and proper motivation you’re half way there. The other half is having talent for what you do and providing a product or service that maintains the highest level of quality.

Good managers will reward your excellent work. If they don’t, there will always be someone else who will.


5. Try Not to Compare Yourself to Others

Try not to get disgruntled. Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways. There are likely to be worse workers who get paid more than you. There are likely to be other employees who have easier jobs, but make more money. It’s easy to get frustrated.

Don’t let it get to you. Some pay scales are set by seniority, others by productivity and some are simply determined by the department or profession in which the person is working. There are a lot of variables and you’re going to have to accept that the system isn’t always going to seem fair. Try not to get too caught up in it. It’s easy to sound like a petulant child saying, “Carol, from sales, makes more than me? That’s ridiculous! I should be making way more than her.”

Whether such comments are justified, or completely unfounded, the bottom line is, jealousy is not attractive. People don’t like listening to others gripe and they don’t like people who sound conceited. It’s hard to say you deserve more than someone else without sounding like you’re putting them down. It’s better to make a case for why you clearly deserve a raise, than for why someone else doesn’t.

Putting other people down is a very bad way to try to pull yourself up. 

4. Don’t Transparently Apply Elsewhere

A great way to look for a job in today’s market is over the internet, because it’s so fast and easy, but don’t be blind to the potential pitfalls.

If your boss or one of their acquaintances happens to be using the same site to look for new employees and notice your profile, they may immediately get a lower opinion of you. Where as, they might have previously viewed you as a satisfied, dedicated and promising worker, who deserved consideration for a raise, they might suddenly find themselves viewing you as an unhappy, disgruntled employee who has one foot out the door and might be better off elsewhere.

Be careful who you talk to about looking for another job. Do you really think your co-workers can keep a secret?

Be careful where you post your resume online. You’re putting yourself out there on a global level.

Be careful who you approach and where you interview. Remember, higher-ups often have friends in other companies and if you happen to interview with an acquaintance of your boss, your boss may be troubled to hear, “Hey, did you know your employee is actively looking for another job? They interviewed with my company last week.”  That doesn’t send the “I deserve a raise message.” It sends the “I might not be with your company much longer” message.

3. Don’t Take Time Away From Your Existing Job

You may be resentful and feel under appreciated by your boss and supervisors. Its okay to start checking the job listings and looking around elsewhere, but be careful. If you’re sneaking off during work hours to scout for other companies or have job interviews with other employers, watch out! If your current employer finds out you’ve been looking for other work on company time, you might be looking for a job a lot more actively than you intended.

2. Don’t Link Your Raise Request to Existing Work

You may desperately want, or even need a raise, but make sure that no matter how frustrated you get, that you don’t let the quality of your work slip. Continue to be a high-caliber professional. If your work or your professionalism come under fire, not only will it further hurt your chances to get a raise, it may also make you an unwanted commodity at your company.

1. Don’t Threaten

Your absolute last resort should be to tell your boss that if they don’t “Show you the money,” you’ll be taking your services to another company. Such honesty can be valuable, but such a blunt and demanding threat could be hard to live down.

People don’t like threats, especially not superiors and they like the impression that you’re looking elsewhere and already have one foot out the door even less.

Threatening to quit can poison the atmosphere and create bad blood, which could worsen, the longer you stay, if your demands aren’t met.

Threatening to leave is a risky proposition. You’re putting your raise on a roulette wheel with a pink slip and you’ve increased your chances of getting one or the other.

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Smart companies tend to give away money to employees of MVP. One way to make yourself better is to have good graces of your superiors and in the glare when it comes to deciding to allocate funds is to make yourself invaluable to your company. Supervisors often help decide who they are. If that means, drop a few more hours, or do a few extra projects, that's something to consider.
Dario Artavia - 12/12/2013 12:11:46 PM
Hey those are really good advices to ask for a new raise, I´m finishing my degree on electronics and I will take these points into consideration when I got my diploma!! Speacially because I acomplish with the first five do´s.

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