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10 Questions Every Theist Should Answer

10. Where is he?

There is no evidence. No testimonial. No videos. No photographs.

UFO’s, Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster have millions of eye witness accounts, complete with videos, photos and testimonials. God? Not so many. 

9. How could a benevolent God allow himself to be represented by the church?

Sure, one can commend the church for preserving and spreading knowledge and language, custom and society, but it doesn’t change the fact that the church is said to be responsible for more deaths than all the wars in history combined.

It doesn’t change the fact that the church-led “Crusades” were all about killing people who held different opinions and beliefs and then seizing their valuables, land and women.

It doesn’ t change the fact that the church put innocent people to death, for refusing to agree that the earth was flat.

It doesn’ t change the fact that the church protects child molesters, thieves and liars, using God as a shield for these nefarious activities, even today.

It doesn’t change the fact, that without having any real correlation to God, whether he exists or not, the church has amassed a ridiculous amount of wealth from the pockets of its followers and gained a tremendous amount of power from the backs of its kneeling followers.

Imagine the church as a hand, pretending to hold the sun. The Vatican pretends that it represents God in the same way. The church pretends there’s a bond between the church and God and that God resides there, more than in other places.

Most religious people have heard all their lives that God is everywhere and in all things, that God is omniscient, “he” knows everything and hears everything.

Why do people go to church? God is as distant from the church as a hand pretending to hold the sun.

8. Who is to say that the Bible isn’t just a fictional work that future generations misinterpreted?

You have a very old book from a time when our recorded history was spotty.

In the book, moral lessons are taught with fantastic stories, sort of like real life, but involving magical characters and Gods and demons.

There are similar works, like the Odyssey and Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Why don’t we believe in Zeus, or the Cyclops, or magical beans?

There’s no proof that the Bible is anything more than a series of slightly more realistic parables.

Is it easier to believe that the book is a work of fiction, like billions of others; which has been misinterpreted in this instance, or that the world is filled with Gods and angels and all our evidence of evolution is nonsense?

Last we checked, there are no Gods, nor angels in sight and most schools are teaching evolution.

7. If you point out that there are many people who believe in God and hold that up as a proof that there is a God, that logic disproves itself, because even the people who believe in God believe different things. Which God would we be talking about; Jesus, Zeus, Siddhartha, Odin, Osiris, Buddha?

One argument that God exists, is, “how can so many people, who believe in God be wrong?”

This argument quickly unravels when one considers how many people believe in any number of different Gods. There’s the Christian God, the Catholic God, Buddha, Siddhartha, Jesus. There are the Greek Gods, the Egyptian Gods, the Norse Gods, the Roman Gods, the American Indian Gods and the Wikkin Gods.

Even religious people can’t agree on God, so what’s that tell you?

There’s no unified concept of God, just a lot of people looking for something to believe in and choosing their preference.

It’s like a shoe store. The salesperson brings you something to try on and says you look great in it and you believe them, or you don’t. Most people, unfortunately, believe just about anything they’re told, especially when it’s about something they already want. So you pick your pair of shoes and choose to believe in them. This doesn’t change the fact that there are many people with many different types of shoes and despite many rumors; there is no perfect pair of magically all-powerful shoes. There are just preferences and opinions. Make sure yours are in alignment with your individual beliefs. 

6. Can God create a rock that God can’t lift?

There are very obvious plausibility issues with the rationality of the entire God mythos. Several of the most common, center around the fact that it is contradictory to have an all-powerful being.

If you believe in God, how would you answer the question, “Can God create a rock that God can’t lift?”

If God is all powerful, he can do this, because he can create anything.

However, if God can do anything, then it’s impossible for him not to be able to lift anything, because he’s all-powerful. The two things are contradictory.

This is a very difficult answer for theists to answer effectively, because it seems to defy rational thought.

Similar questions may also prove difficult for theists to answer. 

Can God create a secret that God doesn’t know?

Can God create a place where God can’t go?

You can ask many of these questions and always the answer is the same. When taking a more detailed look at God’s presumed powers, actions and very existence, the entire mythos seems to unravel like a poorly woven quilt. 

5. How could God have the creativity to create everything from nothing?

Okay, let’s picture this. There’s a supreme being floating in the darkness alone. There are supposedly no planets, no life, no light, no smells, no tastes, no sights, no sounds, no other people, no other supreme beings.

Abruptly, he sets about creating a countless number of stars, planets and moons. Then he creates billions of life forms, each with an exceptionally detailed anatomy and physiology. He creates in incalculable number of sights, sounds and smells and he does this all in seven days.

Your first instinct may be to believe that such power is true, simply because the priests tell you so and you read it in a book, but take a few moments to think rationally about this concept.

How could, even an all-powerful super-being have such unprecedented creativity?

A human in the same situation probably wouldn’t even be able to invent a single color, taste, or sensation, with nothing to base it on.

Of course “all-powerful,” means the creature can do anything. Humans can essentially grasp this concept. What is much more difficult to grasp, however, is having the knowledge and creativity to do anything, when nothing exists and nothing has been done. That takes an even greater stretch of faith and imagination. 

4. How can you choose God over science?

Science and medicine have seemed to explain our universe pretty well.

Math usually can be counted on to explain the workings of our universe and the big bang theory and the theory of evolution do a pretty good job of explaining the current state of affairs in our universe. These are all agnostic, rationally-based, concepts and ideas. God doesn’t factor into any of it.

Many people believe that God created everything in seven days, but if you believe that, then you discount science and mathematics and everything that you see from day to day that is used and makes sense on our world.

If God created everything in seven days, then people were alive with dinosaurs?

Math and science tell us this is not true. There’s evidence that you can touch and they can use science to carbon-date bones to elicit proof, but according to the Biblical stories, the evidence we have must be false, otherwise the Bible is inaccurate, mistaken, or simply fictitious.

So what then, are dinosaur fossils?

Do you think God created fake creatures and fake scientific time-lines to test mankind’s faith in him? That’s petty far fetched, isn’t it?

You can hold dinosaur fossils in your hands and categorize them with millions of other samples. That’s what we call, “hard evidence.”

Where is the proof of God and spontaneous creation, which you can hold in your hand and categorize?

3. What’s the difference between believing in God and believing in Santa Claus?

Why don’t you believe Santa Claus is real?

You believe he’s not, because you’ve been told this. Also, you know that you and your friends do the work for Christmas and prepare the “miracle” of gifts for your family, friends and children.

How is this different from God? You are the ones who live and die and fall in love and make mistakes. You are the ones who fall into terrible misfortunes and occasionally surmount unbelievable tasks. You do not see God flying around, performing miracles. 

The priests are the ones who tell you there is a God, why would the church lie?

Well, consider that many people consider the church to be the most successful business empire in the history of the world. Consider that the church has acquired more wealth, power and land, than most nations. Was that’s God’s message? Was that his will? To acquire wealth? To acquire gold? To acquire land and power and servitude?

Is it difficult to understand why the most successful institution in the history of the world would lie about their being a God?

Of course not! Look at the staggering benefits, the church and its followers have reaped from a simple fraud. 

Children often learn that Santa doesn’t exist, then they realize who’s really pulling the strings on Christmas.

Take a good look at the gold and marble laced Vatican. Read the history books and the newspapers about all the terrible things the church has done and is continuing to do and then perhaps you’ll realize who is pulling the strings of your religion. It certainly does not appear to be God.

2. If God created everything, who or what created God?

This might be the most difficult question for a theist to answer, or the easiest.

Most theists have probably never considered this question before, because church-goers don’t want to focus on the questions they can’t answer.

Theists believe the universe started with God and then he created everything, but this flies in the face of all human reason and understanding. God started from what? Where?

If mankind is created in God’s image, people have parents and so, if God is human-like and humans have parents, it is reasonably safe to surmise that God didn’t just pop-up in the middle of nothing, without being sired, or birthed in some way by something. And how could he have a trillion ideas of how to create a universe, when all he had to base those ideas on was endless darkness?

None of it makes any sense.

This is the same question that atheists can’t answer effectively, because the truth is that no one knows how the Universe came into being, because human understanding requires a starting point in time and we have no concept of spontaneous creation. Neither God, nor The Big Bang Theory completely explains creation, in accordance with human understanding.

The beginning is the hardest part to explain.

1.       Actions speak louder than words.

If you break your leg, will you go to church and pray to God, or will you go to the hospital and get help for your leg?

In your most desperate situation, you may cry out God’s name for an instant, but then you call 911 for an ambulance, or you summon the police. You go to the hospital. You get medial assistance from a doctor.

They say actions speak louder than words.

If you really think God is up there and he is a kind and loving God, then don’t  go to the doctor, or the hospital. Don’t call the police, or ask your parents for help. Pray to your God and see how things work out.

If there’s no answer, you might realize there might not be anyone up there listening and you might also realize you’ve already known. You’ve just been unwilling to admit it. 


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custom reviews - 11/15/2018 9:19:01 PM
Asking questions and sharing answers of them on here is quite interesting way for exchange of knowledge. People get quick reviews from custom reviews here related to custom work writings.
Entertainment Hub - 7/19/2018 5:21:14 PM
Nice post!
Mp3 Download - 7/19/2018 5:19:19 PM
Thanks for sharing such article.. It really helpful
GK Questions - 6/3/2018 10:52:23 PM
God is the power of all power.
Mui Khoan Cong Nghiep - 4/14/2018 1:53:05 AM
It does not change the fact that the "Crusades" led by the church have killed all those with different views and beliefs and seized their valuables, land and women.
Adam Tomkinson - 3/31/2017 2:12:41 AM
There seems to be some issues with these questions, I am as atheistic as the next BUT, some of these questions are either void or have a simple and allowable answer.

10.The definition of God is that IF he existed then he MUST be transcendent and eternal. He would be outwith the universe (space, time- everything)

9. God supposedly gave us Free-will and so we get such terrible things as the Church.(you can either consult Plantinga or Hick about the defense of that)

8. The Bible may have many parables within it but is written to dictate how to live your life, it isn't supposed to be a story- try reading some of it- between the nonsense and moral messages its quite clearly supposed to be a guide.

7.First , Buddha isn't a god. Secondly , yes, Abrahamic religions are incredibly arrogant in making this assumption but for example Anselm's Modal Argument doesn't care about other Gods, If it were to work (which it doesn't in my opinion but it's open to debate) It wouldn't matter about other God's because it would PROVE the Abrahamic God.

6. No. God cannot create a stone that he cannot lift, that however doesn't detract from his omnipotence, it's a logical impossibility;- there cannot be a stone that is too heavy for God to lift. NO matter how powerful something is it cannot change a triangle to have 4 sides whilst remaining a triangle.

5.This question seems to forget two other points about God, He is eternal - he observes the entirety of time from outwith it. He is also omniscient- all knowing. He has all knowledge ever possible and so either of these attributes can explain his supposed ‘creativity’

4. I agree, It doesn’t make much sense.

3. The idea of God was made with the fact in mind that he exists, whereas the idea of Santa was never that he was real.

2. A valid criticism of classical theism,

1. See Hick’s Epistemic Distance.
Ca - 12/29/2012 1:05:34 PM
I used to have these same questions and more, like if God is all loving and forgiving, why do 'bad' people go to hell and stay stuck there forever. Well, after I joined spiritism, it brought many answers, and a lot of hope. God is not here to solve our problems and fix our broken leg, we have to learn to do things for ourselves. It's pretty ridiculous to think that whenever something bad happens it's because there is no God. That is like suggesting that if I get a bad grade, I'll just pray to God and He'll magically turn it into an A, or if I fall down and loose a tooth I'll just pray and another will grow. We're not living in a Harry Potter movie, but in the real world. God gave us our free will and that's why the world is so messed up, but in Spiritism I found what I believe to be true. God is there to support us, but we must learn and grow by ourselves so we can understand our mission. If you watch the movie "Our Home" you might get some answers! Everyone needs to believe in something, even if that something is nothing. Hope you can find some answers in this!
Krishna Mohan Mishra - 3/10/2012 9:36:24 AM
Actually what supreme power or energy is available in the Universe that is the GOD or Goddess and which are being worshiped by all kind of human being in their different forms or idols.

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