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35 Unhealthy Habits

1.    Smoking

2.    Not exercising

3.    Not drinking enough water

4.    Not getting enough sleep

5.    Not eating well

6.    Drinking too much caffeine

7.    Not having enough sex

8.    Not masturbating

9.    Not getting fresh air

10.    Emotional withholding

11.    Not having physical contact

12.    Not using your brain

13.    Not maintaining your hygiene

14.    Drinking too much alcohol

15.    Taking too many drugs

16.    Being unable to say “no”

17.    Not using defensive driving

18.    Not using defensive pre-planning

19.    Not having a social network of a loved one, friends, or family

20.    Not laughing enough

21.    Not making time for yourself

22.    Sun-tanning

23.    Not taking breaks at work

24.    Not protecting yourself from the sun

25.    Working more than you live

26.    Not remembering to breathe

27.    Not going to the chiropractor regularly

28.    Not doing what you love

29.    Not improving

30.    Not being honest

31.    Not having interests

32.    Not having your own life

33.    Not getting natural sunlight

34.    Not saving money

35.    Falling into unhealthy patterns

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Rafael Meléndez - 12/11/2013 11:04:40 PM
Some of the sentences that you pointed above caught my attention, e.g. "#25 Working more than you live". Well in my opinion this is one of the meanest tip in there, why? simply because you are here to live no to serve to anybody. Also the #22 is kind of funny you know, oh wait! uhmm yeah, you always need to wear a temptation brown tone haha! but most of the habits you mentioned on the list are an everyday people's problem, and if you find yourself in some of them you better start thinking what to do to quit it or get a girl bro haha!
Hannah Soto - 12/10/2013 7:47:09 PM
do not do anything in excess!! the bad habits mentioned above, shows how wrong human spices life! most of the listed issues are part of everyday activities to many of us! bad habits are found in all ethnics societies. it's except to each individual to make up their minds of what to ingest, how active keep their bodies, and in general, make the right choices in order to life longer. Also come to my attention the fact that so many persons have adopted bad habits as good ones! they ignore the bad they are causing to themselves, in the majority of cases cultural practices specially in reference to traditional meals, are so bad for the body, but because it been hold by generations they keep doing it.
Exercise is the best habit that will bring other good habits to the table. if you care for your body, and have a good attitude, more good things will come to you. Good things comes easy when you do things right.!
Irene Corrales Quiros - 12/9/2013 7:43:04 PM
I think the worst habit is not love your self. If you love yourself you don´t smoke, you don´t drink alcohol you exercise because all this is going to be good for you, for your mind and spirit and all your body will reflect that.
José Jiménez Ruiz - 12/9/2013 5:48:40 PM
We only have one life, so we have do take advantage of it. We only have one life to make our dreams true and enjoy them. That's why we have to take care of ourselves in order not to ruin our life plans. We must have healthy habits to feel happy and with energy. I am agree with the things you said up there, luckily, nowadays the people are more conscious about their life habits, so they try to have a healthy lifestyle.
Karla Pineda - 12/8/2013 10:13:23 PM
When you take care of your body you feel so much better than eating fastfood and alcohol. Exercise is the best way to care your body because it will be toned, sexy and relax also you will produce endorphins and endorphins makes you happy!
in this moment eat well it´s very common because everyone wants to be skinny and healthy. Take care of your body because you just have one chance and one body for your lifetime!
Jose Manuel Monge - 12/3/2013 12:38:47 AM
Some other unhealthy habits are eating too many sweets or eating really late before going to bed. Another unhealthy habit is to be rancorous. Being rancorous is like that saying: “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Other thing you have to avoid is taking everything too seriously and too personal. You also have to be independent, make your own decisions, follow your own path in life, don’t compare your life with everybody’s life or do whatever people tell you to do. Don’t overthink any situation or action, many people overthink everything they want to do and at the end, they never do anything that they wanted to do. And finally, believe in the good of people, not too much to get hurt but enough to coexist in peace and help each other, many people is bitter and don’t like anybody and that only brings negative vibes to the society.

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