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50 Ways to Improve Your Work Environment

Don’t undervalue how much of a positive effect a wonderful work environment can have on business, teambuilding, morale and productivity.

The trickledown effect can spread to clients and customers and even enhance product quality. 

Here are 50 Ways to Improve Your Work Environment…

1.    Open the windows to get fresh air and light

2.    Keep the temperature at a pleasant level, cool, but not cold

3.    Use color to brighten up the atmosphere

4.    Use art to create a more sophisticated, interesting and pleasurable work environment

5.    Bring in plants to add life to what is often a stark & sterile environment

6.    Get a water cooler and keep it refilled

7.    Get a coffee machine and offer free coffee and tea to your employees

8.    Keep the bathrooms clean and sanitary

9.    Keep it safe. Have systems in place to protect your employees from slippery floors, crime, etc.

10.     Whether you use flowers, air fresheners, or cleaning detergents, make sure it smells nice

11.     Use praise to keep your employees happy

12.     Use paper certificates as rewards for good performance

13.     Celebrate the birthdays of your employees with small gifts

14.     Organize holiday parties for your employees

15.     Consider a four-day work week and/or telecommuting

16.     Use recycling bins to help employees feel good about what they’re doing

17.     Give excellent employee training

18.     Make sure superiors are available to their subordinates

19.     Have systems in place to deal with employee complaints quickly, effectively and amicably

20.     Get rid of employees who poison the environment

21.     Lead by example

22.     Consider dress-down days

23.     Consider playing light music in elevators and lobbies

24.     Organize incentive contests and competitions

25.     Anticipate your employees’ needs

26.     Provide adequate parking

27.     Make employee schedules as convenient and desirable as possible

28.     Promote from within, whenever possible

29.     Try to make salaries reflect employee productivity & contribution instead of tenure

30.     Celebrate employee tenure

31.     Celebrate employee production

32.     Make sure that your employees remain well informed about company issues

33.     Hold regular meetings to solve problems, implement improvements and disseminate information.

34.     Surprise employees with unexpected generosity. Bring doughnuts, or give them a day off as a reward.

35.     Recognize declines in morale and respond with aggressive morale building campaigns

36.     Make sure your new hires and trainees have topnotch role-models
and give them enthusiastic mentors to answer questions, provide some companionship and help them with their learning curve

37.     Offer excellent benefits whenever possible

38.     Keep your company clean and organized

39.     Keep your systems of work as simple, straight-forward and efficient as possible

40.     Praise before you scold

41.     Use more praise than criticism

42.     Put things in writing

43.     Offer employees a small number of computers where they can use Facebook, Skype, online games and other popular internet resources during breaks.

44.     Make your chairs comfortable

45.     Offer group discounts to chiropractors and nearby restaurants

46.     Consider team building activities like leadership conferences, paint ball & white water rafting.

47.     Remember that if your employees improve their skills, they improve their value to your company: Consider providing free or subsidized additional training for languages, leadership, or specific skills related to your company’s business.

48.     Give your employees the things you want them to use, like daily planners, pens, notebooks, etc.

49.     If your employees need something to do their job, get it for them and don’t just get what they need, go beyond that.  So if they need a copier machine to do their job more effectively, don’t just get them a copier, get them a really nice copier that’s not going to break every few weeks and derail productivity.

50.     Don’t forget employee families. Have a day where employees can bring their families to work. Plan events which include employee families and celebrate the birth of new babies, marriages, birthdays, retirements, etc.

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