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10 Parent Responsibilities

10. Save money for your child’s education

You created your child and now you need to care for them. An education is critical for them, not only for their own self-development, but for their financial future and ability to support themselves. You owe it to your child to make sure that they graduate high school and if you can find a way to put them through college, trade school, or film school, it may not mean that you’re a fabulous parent, but it does mean that you’ve done a wonderful job of parenting in this area.

9. Where you have weakness, give them strength

So much depends on your ability to know yourself. You need to understand yourself inside and out, so that you don’t pass your weaknesses, shortcomings, bad habits and bad behavior on to your children. Identify your weaknesses and try to overcome those deficiencies by helping to fortify your children even more in those areas.

If you’re an alcoholic, make sure your children understand the potential dangers of alcohol and make sure your children are very responsible and able to make decisions for themselves and resist peer pressure.

If you have low self-esteem, make sure you improve yourself in that area, or if you fail in that venture, make sure your children know that you should not be their role-model for self-confidence, pride and positive self-image and they should aspire to be far more accomplished in this area, than you ever were, or ever may be. 

8. Pass along your strengths to your child

Everyone is good at something. Identify your strengths, talents and skills. Get even better at what you’re good at and then teach it to your child. If they like it, then support, encourage and motivate them at every turn and teach them everything you know.

7. Help your child explore

It’s your job to help your child know the world. Show them around. Explain things. Travel with them, when you can. Encourage them to try things. Encourage them to try food and playing soccer and dancing and music and karate. Give them opportunities to try whatever interests them and encourage them and even force them, at times, to try things that they’re not sure about or don’t want to try, because they may end up loving it.

It is not permissible to allow shy, lazy, picky, or spoiled children, not to try new things, simply because they don’t want to. You are not doing them a favor by empowering their lack of exploration. You are limiting their experiences and their knowledge and stunting their opportunities to grow. Help your children explore, even if they don’t want to.

6. Help plan for your child

Help your child plan for their future. They don’t know that they should go to the dentist to have their teeth straightened, or when they should start planning for college. They can’t keep track of when they should get vaccinations or sign up to play summer baseball. They need your wisdom, experience and guidance. Allow them some freedom and some latitude, but you must serve as their financial advisor, educational planner, tutor, secretary, chef, maid and more. It is a lot of responsibility and a lot of work, but don’t worry, it’s worth it in the end.

5. Discipline your child

No matter how much you love your child and no matter how wonderful they are most of the time, there will be times that you need to say “no,” firmly and when they don’t obey, you’re going to need to discipline them. The form of that discipline is up to you, a time out, removal of their favorite toy, grounding, spanking, a lecture, loss of allowance, dinner without dessert, or going to bed without dinner, but the point is, it must be done.

You need to help your child feel like they can accomplish anything, but at the same time, you need to set limits for them and make sure they understand and respect those limits and that those limits are enforced. 

Both parents, if there are two, must work together to enforce the same rules. Having one parent who enforces the rules and one who doesn’t, confuses children and allows them to set parents against each other, while allowing a child what may be an unhealthy sense of flexibility.

The reason the world has so many obnoxious, picky, spoiled adults, is because foolish parents raised so many obnoxious, picky, spoiled children. We need to patch that leak and stop that trickle down effect.

4. Educate your child

Yes, schools exist to teach your children and many of them are free, but no, that’s not the be all and end all of their educational experience. Children spend more time outside of school and learn more in “the real world.” The experiences they have with family, friend and whoever they select as role-models will have a profound effect on them. It’s your obligation as a parent to answer your children’s questions, teach them how to fend for themselves and share your acquired wisdom.

3. Protect your child

Don’t let any physical or psychological harm come to your children. If that means you have to throw yourself in front of a car, or a rabid dog, or a bus, then do it. You are the past. Your child is the future and should be all the best parts of you. If you want to live forever, leaving children behind as your legacy is one of the few ways to do it.

Note also, that there must be limits to your protection. There are times and situations when you must let your children fend for themselves, in order to allow them to grow properly. The world is full of children who have been utterly ruined by overprotective parents. No matter how worried you are about your child hurting themselves, you’re going to have to let them go climb trees at some point. You’re going to have to let them shake hands with other germy-handed children and you’re going to have to let them get the snot knocked out of them on the football field sometimes.

These are all natural parts of living. They are growing experiences your children need to have in order to become autonomous. They need to get dumped by the person they’re dating and they need to fail at something important, in order to see what it’s like and then build the character to turn things around. They need your protection, but eventually, they’re going to need to learn to stand on their own two feet and be self-sufficient.

2. Make your child a good and moral person

Somewhere in between the debate of whether to teach religion in schools, or not, a very stupid thing happened. Some really stupid people decided that no morals should be taught in American public schools. This was such a profound show of ineptitude that it boggles the mind.

There are a group of moral principals, which certainly most people can agree upon, whether they’re a theist, atheist, or an agnostic. It does everyone a tremendous disservice not to be teaching morality to future generations, who often aren’t getting enough supervision and parental guidance at home. Schools should teach morals. It’s more important than any other educational information they can teach, only with the possible exceptions of reading and critical thinking.

Whether schools fulfill this fundamental obligation or not, the morality of your children depends on you. Your children should develop into good moral people and keeping them on that path is your job. You must teach them. You have to explain, punish at times and always support and encourage. If you aren’t sure, which morals your child should be learning, please refer to Logical Spiritualism’s Central Principals. 

1. Give your child love

Your number one job as a parent is to give your child love. Children need love, so that they know what it feels like and what to look for and so that they can build self-confidence, self-esteem, self-value and self-love. Your love should form the primary bond between parent and child. If you fail at everything else that parenting entails, this is the one saving grace that could keep you from being a total disaster as a parent. Children can forgive a lot of shortcomings and a lot of mistakes, but if you don’t show them real love, then you have no business being a parent and you’re your children will probably never forgive you for being what you should never have been.

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zaheer - 8/25/2018 3:18:22 AM
I agree with the article.I don`t have youngsters and I am upbeat for that. It`s not part of my plans to be a dad... yet, I concur with the article. There are numerous things that you need to consider like cash, wellbeing and condition on the off chance that you truly need to bringing up a youngster
Sachin Shah - 8/19/2018 11:38:12 PM
A nice blog with so many parenting tips and guidelines. Apart from all what you have stated, the parents should also give their children an open mind and an opportunity to have independent views. Many parents pass on anger and hatred to the next generation which is not right.
gulshan - 5/11/2018 12:14:55 PM
parents are many responsibilities for his child.and they do well
Mui Khoan Cong Nghiep - 4/14/2018 1:48:09 AM
Talking about parental responsibility for children, even writing hundreds of thousands of pages is not enough, because parents are always, no matter how big the children are in their eyes, they are still children. Young adults, need to learn and teach non-stop.
Cedric - 9/13/2017 10:13:58 AM
Is very interresting
Anibal Alvarado Brizuela - 12/13/2013 2:44:55 PM
I don`t have children and I am happy for that. It`s not part of my plans to be a father... but I agree with the article. There are many things that you have to consider like money, health and environment if you really want to raising a child
Pablo G - 12/12/2013 1:27:24 PM
I am very happy to read these 10 responsabilies and know that my parents did a good job with me, they met each of these responsibilities and more. They are my greatest example in my life.
Euyo Siles - 12/10/2013 8:05:33 PM
I agree with the article. If a couple take a decisión to have children, they need to know, it is a big responsability for all their life, children need time, education and love. Children are the future of the world, so , depends the way that you take care is the way that they do their acts in the society.
Gloriana Garita - 12/10/2013 6:58:40 PM
If you bring a kid to this world, it implicates to make responsible for him, and it doesn´t mean just change dippers, it means make sure to build a future for him, to educate him, love him, make him a decent and good person, teach him what discipline is, and also that if you are good at something then share that with your kid, the bottom line are a bunch of responsibilities to build a new person
Irene corrales quiros - 12/9/2013 9:19:11 PM
I don´t have kids but I absoluty agree with this list especially with the points about discipline and education, I believe one of the biggest problems of the actual society is that parents think that school is to educate their children in moral and values and that is something that they have to do in their homes. They are the model for the kids to follow.
Mónica Corrales - 12/6/2013 10:51:49 AM
I´m not a mom yet, but a have a nephew. Kids are a blessing, show to them your love. Play with them, TV is not a good nanny. Teach to them how importante is to be happy, and the pleasures of life. But, they should know that no everyone is a good person, so it´s better is you teach them to don´t keep secrets.
DAVID CORDERO - 12/5/2013 4:06:56 PM
the responsibility of having a family and especially children is great.
The children not only represanta a daily commitment, it is also a blessing that most frowns.
For me the hardest part of raising children is to teach the world in which they live and knowing this only proves that life is not easy and that they MUST deal with problems in love, sexuality and work.
Therefore it is a constant work but it reflected the love they give you children.
Personally I do not like the children but is a definite blessing.

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