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15 Ways to Deal with Death

15. If heaven &/or reincarnation exists, your loved one might be in for a conceptually perfect after-life.

There are many notions of our souls going to a perfect place after we die, whether we call it heaven or Valhalla or a myriad of other names. If such stories are even half true, we may be going to a better place and what joyous fun such a place should be to explore!

14. Death is needed for population control. You loved one has laid down their life, so that others may live.

Death is not evil, but for the purposes of language, it is a necessary evil. Considered rationally, if no one died, population control would be non-existent and the quality of life would be reduced for everyone to virtually nothing. There wouldn’t be enough drinkable water or food. Good livable spaces would become scarce. We would use up the good minerals in the soil and crops would wither. Meanwhile, negative effects from eternal life would run rampant, more fecal waste, more disease, etc. The reality is we should thank our lucky stars sometimes for death!

13. Death is a natural part of life, without it, life would be boring and lose relevance

Many people regard death as this terrible thing that has happened, but when one considers the circle of life, death is as natural as milk on cereal. Without death, there is in fact no life as we know it and if infinite life existed with no time-limit and no bucket to kick, it would be diminished in value in some ways, because it would no longer be as fragile, nor as precious.

Death is like the sun setting in the evening. We are all born, live and die.  It is the way of things.

12. Your loved one still exists in the currency of memory

One might argue that the most valuable things are not money and gold and diamonds, because they do not guarantee any semblance of happiness. One might argue that happiness itself is a short currency, because happiness is often momentary and fleeting. One might argue that the most valuable form of currency is memory and it is in our memories that we find our dearest loved ones time and again and we can relive those moments and that happiness nigh infinity.

11. It’s true that some people are better off dead

This sounds cruel, but in some cases it’s true and not just for bad highly immoral people. For example, some people suffer from physical and/or mental incapacitation and nearly unbearable chronic pain every day of their lives. Others are in a coma and would be dead except for breathing machines that keep them alive and people feeding them. They have deteriorated. Perhaps they have brain damage and severe physical impairments and doctors say they will never awaken. For some people, passing on may be better.

10. No one is ever fully appreciated, until they’re gone

Many people have found greater adulation, respect and even success in death, than they ever had in life. Elvis, James Dean and Michael Jackson are some prime examples. But the people who aren’t famous and who we don’t see on TV and read about on the internet, those are the people who sometimes leave the greater emotional resonance in their passing.

9. Your loved one will never feel pain again

No life. No pain.

8. Our descendents make us as close to immortal as we can be

If the person you are mourning had children and perhaps those children had or will have children, they live on. They will go on and on, perhaps for as long as mankind exists, they will continue to live and thrive through their line.

7. If you no longer exist, your condition can no longer distress you

If we do not continue, there can be no pain, misery, sadness, depression, jealousy, fear, etc.

6. Think of death as a very long sleep. We enjoy sleep.

Sleep is good. Peace is good. An end to strife is good.

5. Those who did good in the world, still exist there

Some would argue that we are what we leave behind. Those who have left wonderful families and great children, those who have made people around them happier or improved things for others live on in their accomplishments. They live on in the appreciation of others.

4. Death often brings families closer, binds loved ones and reaffirms love’s network of connections.

This is an uncommon opportunity to grow closer and stronger as we heal together.

3. Think of life like a triathlon. Perhaps death isn’t the finish line, but simply the next step and your loved one is actually ahead of you and your peers in the race.


2. Science has proven that energy is neither created, nor destroyed. It simply changes forms.

There is proven scientific evidence that we do go on in one form or another. Our place in the universe does not entirely disappear.

1. They are going on the greatest adventure of all. You should be happy for them.

Arguably the greatest mystery we have is do we continue in some form after death. They will learn the answers to the greatest questions and they will learn them before us.

By: Evan Marquisee
October 27, 2014

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CUBIC 15 - 4/16/2018 2:00:15 AM
Dealing with death - why do so? Any of us will grow old and then die, which is a natural law that can not be changed. So let's face it. Do not be afraid!

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