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10 Interesting Ideas to Consider

Since many people never take the initiative to think outside the box, here is a list of interesting ideas, which might just force you to re-examine your world view.

10. What happened to HIV?

What happened to AID’s? For a while everyone was talking about it with great concern, fear and trepidation. Now, you’re lucky if you see it mentioned in a single news article or television program over the course of the year. Is this because AID’s has gone away, or simply because it tends to affect gay men and intravenous drug users, two segments of the population that many power-mongers, bigots and government officials would wrongfully, do without?

Things come and go, controlled by the news media, which is not as much controlled by human interest as you would think, but rather by the world’s powerbrokers and corporations.  We may very well have heard the last of AID’s, not because it’s gone, but because many of the egotistical, conservative bigots, who control the media couldn’t care less that gay men and primarily black, intravenous drug users are dying.

It’s interesting how fickle the public’s attention is. Should it be?

9. What if a group consciousness exists?

Have you had a great idea, only to find out that someone has already had that idea and acted on it? What makes it worse, on many occasions, is that a little research shows that the concept or title, recipe or chemical compound was only copyrighted, or trademarked a few months earlier. What a coincidence! Or is it?

Many people suspect that there is a type of group subconscious, so when one person has an idea, that idea carries through the group subconscious to other people. Thoughts, feelings and ideas, are shared subliminally throughout humanity.

Whether there really is a subliminal “uni-mind” or not, if you have a great innovative idea, you better act on it fast, because great ideas don’t usually belong to one person for very long. Chances are, someone before you has even had the idea before you, but simply failed to act on it.

8. What if known extra terrestrial life existed?

There is a lot of fun debate about whether or not life exists on other planets and everyone seems to have their own opinion. However, what isn’t discussed very much, is what you would do if you knew that other sentient life existed in the universe and was visiting our planet. Would you want to switch jobs and become an astronaut to try to investigate strange new worlds and new civilizations? Would you want to move into the field of engineering and help design the spaceships that will take us there? Perhaps you would prefer to try to ensure the safety of your family and not knowing much about this new alien life form, you would prefer to move your family to a small heavily fortified safe-house, deep in the Canadian wilderness.

One of the reasons it’s easy to believe that there is life on other planets, despite the limited evidence,  is because you can imagine that if you were the president of your country, or in some other position of control and learned that alien races existed and were visiting our planet,  it’s easy to understand some of the decisions you might make; concealment to stave-off mass hysteria and panic, limited-access, so that the technological and medical advances can only benefit our top scientists and our country and the lies, which refuse to acknowledge alien life, in order to keep other groups and other countries from competing for the attention, privileges and knowledge possessed by aliens. Of course, these are not noble goals. They are selfish, greedy and materialistic, full of nationalism and power-mongering. That’s one of the reasons it’s easy to believe that alien life exists, because if you’ve paid any attention to our world governments, materialistic, nationalistic and power-mongering sounds like a pretty accurate description. 

7. What if the paranormal existed? How would it change your life?

What if someone proved to you that the paranormal was real?

Would you go to “haunted houses” and try to stir up the dead, to see for yourself? What if ghosts really existed and perhaps a few people on the planet actually had the ability to talk to the dead? Would you want to talk to a dead relative or a famous deceased person? Would you seek out the people who could do this? Would you try to learn their techniques?

What if ESP, telekinesis, or magic was real? Would you give up a college education to go learn from a purported telekinetic? Would you give up your job and self-fund an exploration into ESP? Would you turn your focus from having a family and starting your own coffee shop, to trying to master spells and become a wizard? 

People like to ask each other, “do you believe in ghosts, UFO’s or ESP.” Many people answer “yes,” but it doesn’t seem like they really believe, because if they did, they probably wouldn’t still be selling groceries at Super Fresh, they would be out trying to master the spells to become immortal. 

If you really do believe, or if you were given conclusive evidence, how would that change your life?

6. What if reincarnation is real?

Perhaps you would pay more attention to karma and try to live a more honorable and enlightened life, so that, if there’s a cast system for reincarnation, as many believe, you would be born as an eagle, instead of a slug.

Maybe the next ant you step on, or the next mosquito you swat is/was a friend or relative. Perhaps you would be kinder to spiders, mosquitoes, house flies, cockroaches and mice, because the next one that gets trapped and killed could be you.

If you were reincarnated would you want to come back as a man or a woman? What type of animal would you like to be?

How would change the way you live your life, if it meant the difference between coming back as a great man or woman, or a slimy slug.

5. What if open marriage was not only plausible, it was normal?

How would you feel about it? Is that the type of relationship you would want for yourself? Why? Why not? If you feel its right for you, would you be willing to allow your spouse the same freedoms? Do you think it would work? Would it be worth it?

What if your neighbors, across the street, both attractive, successful business people, who seem very loving toward each other and very happy, had an open marriage and were having sex with lots of beautiful attractive people and having fun making new friends and having new adventures, while you’re stuck at home with the same spouse and the same relationship. Would you be jealous? Would you condemn them, or be supportive of their right to choose?

Would you re-examine and perhaps reconsider the parameters of your own marriage?

4. Is global warming really the biggest extinction threat to the future of the human race?

Supposedly, there are enough nuclear weapons on the planet to destroy our world 12 times over, so with a few codes exchanged and a few buttons pushed, we could all be dust on a big ball of smoke, which the cockroaches would inherit, as the dominant species, if even they could survive.

If nuclear war is not clearly the biggest threat to the survival of the human race and our planet, which it clearly seems to be, despite the recent lack of media attention, global warming might come a close second.

At least, mankind supposedly is in possession of and controls the nuclear weapons. No one is in possession of, or controls the sun and it appears that the damage the sun could do to our planet, now that we’ve exposed it, could be beyond our control and beyond our ability to stop. 

If you watch the movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” which may be the most important movie of our time, it appears the human race is quickly heading down the road to extinction, or if not extinction, then certainly a life filled with hardship and misery, in which, most of our species is sure to die.

The Green House Effect is a theory that states that because of the various pollutants that we have put into the atmosphere over the years, the sun’s ultra violet rays are being trapped in our atmosphere, instead of bouncing back into outer space. Due to this, the Earth is rapidly increasing in temperature, to levels, never seen before, over the course of human history. The effects of this are already being distinguished by an increase in natural disasters, which are more frequent and more severe than ever before. These problems are expected to worsen. In addition, the polar-ice caps are expected to melt and put much of the land, especially on the coasts under water and this is not a few miles of coastline we’re talking about, but rather, entire states and thousand s of miles of coastline.

Perhaps the worst and scariest thing aside from the dramatically rising temperatures, which our bodies are not prepared for, is that we have a limited supply of fresh drinking water. When the heat evaporates most of the lakes and rivers and as the underground aqua furs dry up, water is likely to become more valuable than gold, as millions of people will die of thirst. There are already thousands of people dying in areas of

Africa and Egypt for lack of water. If predictions are true, this number will quickly climb into the millions and affect all the countries, including the United States, Europe and Central America.
The biggest question is, if all of this is true, what are you going to do about it? Will you educate yourself?

Will you try to pressure the governments to do the right things? Will you try to prepare, or do you even believe at all?

3. What if God doesn’t exist?

If you believe in God and you spend a great deal of time worshiping him, praising him and asking for his assistance, or you devote yourself to what you believe is the direction he’s pointed you in, what if you learned that there is no God?

Would you change the direction of your life? What would you do with the extra time you spend in church, in prayer and in service of the Lord? What belief system would you set for yourself? What goals would you create? If you had to create your own moral identity, apart from The Bible and The Ten
Commandments, what type of morals would you have?

2. What if our reality is isolated, instead of shared?

We operate under the assumption that we share this reality with our peers, billions of other people, of equal sentience and relevancy. They each have their own lives and live, breathe, hope, fear and strive for their dreams, just like us. This is the appearance and the assumption, but we really have no way to know if this is true.

What if this entire reality is a figment of your imagination and no one and nothing else is real, just a setting with interactive parts, which runs indefinitely in your mind. It could be a computer program that tests your reactions to different stimuli. It could be some sort of spiritual plane that allows us to grow and test ourselves.

This reality could be anything, since we really don’t know. We don’t even know if we’re alone here, as everyone else certainly seems real enough, but we have no idea if they think, feel and dream like us, or if they are merely here to interact inside, what is solely our universe and our reality.

Now before you agree that this is a great idea and you decide that all reality is here for your exclusive pleasure and satisfaction, just remember that there is no hard evidence that everything is not as it seems and we are not sharing the universe with billions of other people, so don’t lose your sense of responsibility toward others. Considering the situation, as we know it, your culpability and empathy are still called for.

Even if everyone else doesn’t exist, as you do and even if this is still a test for you, or a chance to grow and learn, being selfish, greedy and unempathetic doesn’t seem like growth, or much of a way to live.  

1. What if our universe is a microscopic particle in a range of ever larger universes?

We blindly assume that our scale is “the” scale, yet we see planets and galaxies much larger than ours and microscopic particles and life-forms, which are much smaller. 

Just as there are tiny bacteria in our world, not even large enough to see, which can make us sick and even kill us, perhaps our planet is just a tiny particle on the hair on the tail of a dog, on a planet, in a universe a trillion times larger than our own.

Or perhaps, in the composition of cells of our own bodies, so small that it is beyond the scope of our own perception, perhaps there are planets with life like ours there, microscopic molecules to us, which have intelligent species inhabiting them. Perhaps those species consider that they live on planets, which to them are the similar in scale to our own, but their civilizations are so small they cannot even be measured in this realm.

To get a more colorful taste of this concept, you can watch the very entertaining film, “Herbert Hears a Who,” from Dr. Seuss’ wonderful children’s book of the same title.


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Is there life in other worlds?? For me it´s one of the most important aspect that have to be solve... We don`t have to consider that we are unique in the universe... because we are not.
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2 things I wanna talk like What if the paranormal existed? How would it change your life? well is just or vimpres exit well it doesn't change noting be me but this thing will become like racism like this guy is a vampire person will be scared and discriminated because he is another thing very differently. Another thing is What if known extraterrestrial life existed? the extra terrestrial creatures exit will be freaking cool I love star wars and a game cold mass effect the only problem is the same other creature = scared and discrimination in mass effect most all the alien hate humans because of this reason.But the reason I love that aliens contact humans in a peaceful way is new advanced technology we can advance further with the things they bring to the world
Jose Manuel Monge - 12/3/2013 12:28:21 AM
There are a lot more interesting ideas to consider, specifically about the universe and its structure. For example, there are three mathematical models for the idea of a multiverse. None of them have been confirmed but maybe through them, scientists will find a definite model to explain the universe. The first model is about bubble universes. This model explains that maybe there are a lot of bubbles with pieces of the universe inside them so far away from us that we’ll never see them. The other option of this model is that a lot of pieces from the universe are inside near black holes, but we’ll never get to see them as well. These bubbles have slightly different laws of physics and the bubble we’re in have the right laws of physics to allow us to exist. The second model is of membranes and extra dimensions. This model explains that our universe is placed with another dimensions like a newspaper, because instead of having three dimensions, the universe have nine that allows a lot more space and the possibility to have many universes piled up like pages of a newspaper. The third model is a model that talks about many worlds. This model says that every possible timeline is real and does happen. In this model, every possible story happens but we’ll never see it because we’re stuck living only in one of the timelines. The latest theory of the structure of the universe is that we live in a holographic universe with one less dimension than we perceived on a daily basis. Each of these theories is very interesting and makes us realize how little we actually know about our existence.
That's a knowing answer to a diffcilut question

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