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50 Ways to Know a Girl is Interested

Ever wonder how you could tell if a girl likes you?

It is actually very easy to tell, if you know what to look for.

These signs are meant to be interpreted in clusters, which means, one sign may or may not mean anything, but several signs (4 or 5) together usually lead you to a very clear message.

Here are 50 ways to tell when a girl is interested in you…

Glancing – One of the most common examples of female flirtation. Women generally throw quick darting glances at those they are interested in, unlike men who tend to stare.

Staring – Some more confident and more overt women may prefer a long sensual come-hither look or may even stare at you like a piece of meat. That message shouldn’t be hard to read, right?

Pointing –No not with their hands! Most people don’t know, but the true sign of a person’s attention is their feet. If her feet are pointing at you, then you are the focus of her attention.

Smiles – Smiles are a very good sign! You may just think she is happy, but smiles often accompany other flirting signs as women try to send their message.

Playing with her hair – Twirling, primping, flipping or petting their hair is one of the most common ways for women to get men’s attention and show off their wares.

Glancing at your lips – This is one of the surest GO signals! If she frequently glances at your lips, you either have the biggest cold sore ever, a moose is stuck between your teeth, or she desperately wants you to kiss her.

Mirroring–Is she mimicking your posture and body positioning? Mirroring is one way we subconsciously create rapport. If she is mirroring you, there is a good chance she is attempting to connect.

Proximity – If she is routinely entering your personal space, she is very likely to feel closer to you and be comfortable with more intimate closeness.

Blushing – If her face flushes around you and she gets rosey cheeks, this combined with other signs could be an indication.

Eye Dialation – If her eyes dialate (become bigger) as she stares into yours, this is a very good sign!

Touching – Touching is overtly invading another person’s personal space. So if she brushes your cheek, throws her arm around you or gives you a friendly pat on the butt, those are all very good signs she’s comfortable with increased physical intimacy.

Showing off her Happiness & Positive Relationships – Women frequently hang out in groups and when they like someone they often alternate glancing, smiles and laughter, so they appear to be having a great time. They are trying to make themselves appear desirable, as though theirs is a life you would want to be a part of.

Introductions – If she introduces you to her family and friends, that is a very good sign, because she may be welcoming you into her inner-circle, which she may want you to be a part of.

Sexual Conversation – It has been said that we don’t generally talk about sex with people of the opposite sex we wouldn’t want to have sex with. There is a lot of truth to that.

Lip service – Does she use her tongue to wet her lips, or rub the tip of her pointer finger across them? When women wet their lips it can be a prelude to kissing and generally demonstrates they like something or someone. Touching fingers to lips can be an indication they’re thinking about kissing.

Striking Up a Conversation– If she starts up a conversation with you, she may just need information, but it could indicate an additional motive.

Asking your Opinions – A lot of people don’t care about the opinions of others. If she’s frequently asking for yours or taking yours into consideration, she is either profoundly polite, respects you a lot, or holds you in a special high-regard.

Giving a Speaking Opportunity –Example.A girl is on a bus. You sit down next to her and would love to try to get to know her, but she’s listening to music on her headphones. If she keeps listening to her music, she is probably not interested, but if she takes her head phones off, she may be giving you an opportunity to make your move. Similarly, women will sometimes stray from their group of friends to give a guy a chance to approach them one on one, largely because they know this is less intimidating for the man and therefore more likely to happen.

Touching Thigh or Chest Area– Self-touching of the cleavage or inner thigh area is deliberately and/or subconsciously sending a very clear message. She is trying to get your attention.

Subliminal Messages– Sometimes our subconscious plays tricks on us. If you catch a girl staring off into space, or even better, staring into your eyes, while they make a circle with their pointer finger and slide a pen and pencil in and out of it, this is probably a window into their current thoughts…fantasies. The funny thing is they may not even realize it.

Cell PhoneTheft – No not that kind. This kind of cell phone theft occurs when you ask for a girl’s number and she snatches your cell phone away and says she will put it in for you, so she is sure that you have it. This is a way of flirting. It gives the girl an opportunity to learn more about you by examining your phone, ensures you have the right number and shows her eagerness for you to be able to contact her. Plus, by seizing control of the interaction, she is testing how you handle giving up control of the situation.

Clothes – Pay attention to her clothing. If she dressed in an old sweat shirt and jeans, maybe she’s not trying to impress you because she doesn’t care. If she does herself up with a nice outfit and primping, perhaps she is trying to impress you. Similarly, shirts with plunging necklines for instance, may invite your thoughts in that direction. If she is meeting up with you, but not interested, she probably doesn’t want to invite a more sexual train of thought, because she doesn’t want you coming on to her.

Nervous laughter – Some girls become very nervous around someone they like, so they laugh at everything.  This can be a sign that she’s interested and probably a bit intimidated.

Add – Now with modern technological advances, we have even newer ways to tell she’s interested. Did she friend you on Facebook oradd you to What’s Up ,etc?

Trouble making eye contact – Some shy girls have trouble looking men in the eye when they like them, but this is why signals need to be read in congruence (groups), because some people are shy with everyone and in some cultures it is a sign of respect, not attraction, to avoid eye contact.

Bumping or Rubbing – Some women find occasion to instigate physical contact, whether it is touching arms in a crowded elevator, backing into you or her leaning against you in a crowded car.

Friends and Family – If she is with her friends or family, are the people with her glancing at you, looking you over or whispering and giggling? Such things are usually a sign that she has let those close to her know she is interested in you and they are checking you out to form their own opinions and/or give her a hard time with some excessive teasing.

Closed Behavior – This is the opposite of looking for signs of interest. Instead, look for signs the girl is not interested. Are her arms crossed in front of her chest? Are her legs crossed? Are her hands impatiently placed on her hips? These are usually signs of disapproval or a lack of interest. Also, if her eyes or feet are pointed in another direction, she is probably not giving you her full attention.

Showing some neck – A woman’s neck is both a point of vulnerability and arousal. If she lifts her hair to show off her new necklace, or does it and says how hot it is and you get a good look at her exposed neck, she may be showing her trust as well as showing off one of her more intimate features.

Shoes – No kidding. Shoes can be a good way of judging a woman’s interest. Is she wearing sneakers or loafers? She is either very concerned with comfort , very comfortable with you, or not interested. Is she wearing high-heels or stillettoes? Sounds like she’s making an effort to dress up and look sexy, or maybe even take on the role of seductress.

Adjustments – Is she playing with her necklace over her plunging neckline, or adjusting her bra frequently, or touching the fringe of her mini-skirt with her fingers? She is consciously or subconsciously drawing your attention to parts of her body that may entice you.

Who pays – This is a great way to tell how interested she is!!! Offer to pay for the meal or movie. Some refusal to let you pay is considered polite, but if she absolutely refuses, she is probably either a die-hard feminist bra-burner or she is not interested. Women don’t like to be indebted to guys they don’t want to be with, because they are afraid the guy will think she owes him something.

Point of origin – Another excellent indicator is…if she does not want you to know where she lives, then she is either not interested, or still developing her trust in you. Most women don’t want you to pick them up at their house or drop you off there early in a relationship, because they are still trying to determine whether they want you around and whether you are trust worthy. If she has no problem with you knowing where she lives and better yet, inviting you in, then she is confortable with you.

Bedroom talk – A girl who is not interested is normally not going to invite you into her bedroom, so you can sit on the bed with her and chat. Beds are not the most common area for chatting. If she invited you into her bedroom, this is usually a big green light that means GO!!!

Sharing Space – It has been said that one way to test someone’s interest is to put something into their personal space and see if they are comfortable with it there, or if they return it. For example, while you are seated at the dinner table, you could push the small un-used umbrella you brought just in case to her side of the table. If she leaves it there, or better yet, picks it up and starts to play with it, or re-wraps it more neatly for you, those are good signs. If she merely pushes it back to your side of the table that is not good.

Greetings – How does she greet you? A big smile with a hug and a kiss on the cheek are great. A frown and a limp handshake is not good. Does she always seem happy to see you and energized when you are around? You’re doing great!!! Beware, this is another one that especially should be viewed in congruence, because how we greet people is also affected by culture.

Rememberance – Does she remember your birthday, or the big test you’re worried about? Hmm. You must be on her mind and she cares enough to remember. You must be pretty important to her.

Three is a Crowd – Does she make plans to spend time with you alone, or every time you start planning, she goes out of her way to include other people? If she is avoiding alone time with you, it may just be that she is not ready for intimacy, but it could also mean she is not interested. Anytime a girl is comfortable being alone with you, it shows a level of trust and intimacy.

Out of sight out of mind – Does she keep showing up at the places you go? Does she walk past you frequently? Perhaps she is trying to give you an opportunity to make your move.

Third Party Secrets – Check with your mutual acquaintances. It is not unusual when a girl is interested in someone they grill that person’s friends, either subtly or not so subtly for all the information they could possibly know about you. They may even make it clear to your friends that they like you, but friends can be unreliable messengers, so it’s better to take the bull by the horns. 

Flirting by word of Mouth
– A lot of guys don’t really pay attention when women talk. One down side of that is that if the girl likes them, she is likely to fire off some pretty overt flirtations during conversation. Does she joke, if only I had a big strong man to protect me! Does she keep telling you how cold she is? Hello? Good chance she wants your arms around her to keep her warm. Flirtation can also come through body language, with a batting of eye-lashes or an exaggerated walk that emphasizes the sway of her behind.

Jealousy – Jealousy is general a terrible thing, but here is one instance in which it can actually be useful. Does she get jealous when you’re around other girls? Does she complain when you don’t spend enough time with her? Hmm.

Never far – Does she keep trying to invite you along and involve you in everything she does? You are either like her best friend, or…

Distraction – Does she loose her train of thought or seem distracted or clumsy around you?
Who does she run to – If yours is the shoulder she cries on and you are the one she goes to when she is feeling low or needs help, you may be the one.

Gifts- Does she keep giving you little gifts? Or writing you cute little notes? That’s nice of her! Why does she keep doing that?

Jaw dropper – The first time she saw you, did her jaw drop and form a visible O? Does that happen every time she sees you with your shirt off? Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!!!

Double-take – If someone ever does a double-take of you and you’re not holding a severed human head in your hands, that is almost always a good thing. Also, if they keep walking but their head and eyes stay fixated on you, you got it going on!

Improved Posture – Does she straighten from her slouch when you approach?

Head tilt – The head tilt generally denotes interest, approval and is frequently a prelude to a kiss.
Ring adjustments – If she is married and fiddling with her ring while she’s with you. She may be reassessing her relationship priorities on the spot.

Introducing Children – Is she a single mother? If so, if there is a mutual interest, when she introduces you to her kids, her feelings for you are generally starting to turn serious. Most women want a new man to pass the full rigors of their relationship testing before introducing them to their children, in case you don’t make the final cut and disappear.

And mother or not, be prepared for women to test you by sending you mixed signals. They want to learn about who you are and what to expect from you by gauging your reactions to different stimuli. So try to remain patient and un-befuddled by the testing. If they throw you a number of positive courtship signals and then throw you a negative every once in a while, it’s generally just a woman ’s natural turn as mad professor. Trust in the positive signals she gave you and ride it out if you want her.

By Evan Marquisee
September 3, 2014

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Guys, what other techniques can you suggest to tell if a girl likes you?

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