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1.    Q: Is Logical Spiritualism a philosophy or a religion?

A: Logical Spiritualism is a philosophy. It is a system of beliefs grounded in rational thought, reasoning and critical thinking and not a purely faith based system.

2.    Q: I believe in God, but I also believe in most of the principals of LS. Should I become a member of LS?

A: That’s up to you to decide. The scope of the Logical Spiritualism belief system is a broad one and it would be relatively rare that a person, not have some independent beliefs of their own, which differ. Independent thought and diversity is a good thing. If you’re interested in LS, you should see if you agree with the 10 Primary Principals and the Principals of Honor. If you agree with and devote yourself to the adherence of these Principals than you would probably be a deserving LS member.

3.    Q: What is the purpose of Logical Spiritualism?

A: It may sound sappy and trite, but the purpose of Logical Spiritualism is to make us better people and to make the world a better place, that is why everything on this website is free. All of the principals, insights and recommendations of Logical Spiritualism have been made available for your use, free of fees, devoid of obligations and without loop-holes. The only catch is that if you find yourself agreeing, LS may change your life.

4.    Q: How can I help support Logical Spiritualism?

A: First, you can lay aside everything you’ve ever known, just long enough to consider the new ideas and concepts presented by Logical Spiritualism. Give them honest consideration and then, if you agree that this is truth, ask yourself, do you want to be who Logical Spiritualism tells you that you can be?  Secondly, whether you agree with LS and become a member or not, consider passing LS along to your friends and family. Perhaps LS could change someone else’s life for the better as well. Also, talk to your friends and family, talk to your neighbors and co-workers and tell them about LS. At the very least, it should spark some very interesting and entertaining conversation.

5.    Q: If I follow the principals of LS will I really have a better life?

A: Yes.

6.    Q: What does becoming an LS member entail? What are my obligations?

A: To become an Logical Spiritualism member, you simply need to enter your name, SSN or Cedula number and your email. If accepted, your name will be posted proudly on the LS website, making you an official supporter. Your obligation at that point, becomes to attempt to follow the principals and beliefs of LS and to try to be the best person you can be. Your obligations end there. There are no financial obligations, nor obligations to groups. Your personal information will not be given to any third parties. 

7.    Q: What are the grand schemes and future plans for LS?

A: The depth of principals, insights and advice offered up by LS will continue to expand from week to week and year to year. The membership of LS will continue to increase and as it does, so to will its popularity and renown. The future should be a bright one for Logical Spiritualism, as it should enjoy an increase in volunteer activist events and live speaking engagements.

8.    Q: Will Logical Spiritualism have churches in the future, where people can congregate, like in Christian religions?

A: No. Logical Spiritualism will never have churches. LS is a philosophy, not a religion and one of the central concepts of LS is that  the philosophy and everything that makes it great, must be incorporated and utilized by each individual. The higher-power in LS are the individuals, who exhibit their free will, determination and moral integrity.  LS may have conferences in the future, but these will be more similar to self-help seminars or business conferences, rather than church congregations. The impetus won’t be to prove one's faith and loyalty, nor to prove that one can follow, but rather to improve oneself and to prepare oneself to lead.

9.    Q: Some of the ideas here sound good, but how can I incorporate them into my own life?

A: The information and resources are here. It’s up to you to figure out how to incorporate them into your life, because each life is different. There is no exact formula on how to live an enlightened life.

10.   Q I think Logical Spiritualism is a farce. Most of the ideas here come from other people and previous philosophies and religions. There’s nothing new here.

A: Logical Spiritualism does not claim to feature concepts, principals or ideas that have never been previously conceived. Through the scope of human history, almost all ideas currently available to human thought have been conceived.

Logical Spiritualism is a personal belief system, which strives to take the best ideas, concepts and advice from all quarters and combine them into a working and enlightening philosophy. The novelty to Logical Spiritualism isn’t in the fact that these ideas and concepts have never been considered before, or never been said before, rather it is in the combination of useful and relevant material and the presentation, which makes these ideas more comprehensible and relevant in ways they might not have previously.

11. Q: I have seen another blog called "The Logical Spiritualist." What is the relationship between that blog and your Logical Spiritualism?

A: There really is no relationship between that blog and Logical Spiritualism as we know it on this website. The two philosophies are from two different people and are unrelated. The Logical Spiritualist blog was started before, but the name "Logical Spiritualism" and many of the ideas for this version of Logical Spiritualism had already been written in the 80's. They simply hadn't been edited for sharing, or posted on the internet yet.

12: Q: I don't have a lot of time to spend searching for the specific articles I would be interested in. Is there a faster way to find them?

A: Yes! Definitely. If you go to the "List Manifest" or the "Subject Manifest" in the top menu, once you log onto those pages, there is a search function at the top of the page. You can use the drop down menu under "Category" on the left to select a general area of inquiry and then click "Search" on the right. This will provide you with all the topic groupings for Lists or Subjects. This is a fun and easy way to find the information you're looking for. You may feel that a few unrelated articles find their way into your search, but this is because our search engine also searches the words in lists and articles, so key related words may appear in otherwise unrelated articles, which could appear in your search.


1.    QI really love some of this information on the LS website, but I notice that it’s copyrighted. Can I share this information with others?

: Yes. Please share this information with as many people as possible and use it for whatever positive purpose you can find. Logical Spiritualism is copyrighted, but it is not to prevent people from using it. It is to make sure that no one else corrupts this information, or uses it for their own nefarrius purposes. The copyright is to protect Logical Spiritualism from predators, not to prevent it from being used or shared.

You will notice that the writer's name is not included with any of the articles, this is an attempt to demonstrate that the important thing isn't where these ideas came from or who they "belong" to, but rather, the ideas themselves.

2.    Q: I’m a teacher and I would like to use some of your Logical Spiritualism information. Can I use this information to spark in class discussions?

: Yes! This information is meant to be used and meant to be shared. No legal action will be taken against anyone on the behalf of Logical Spiritualism, as long as the LS materials are being used for the betterment of the human-race and not for personal gain.

3.    Q: I would like to be a member, but I don’t want my name posted on the website. Can I do that?

: No. The reason is that many of the core principals of Logical Spiritualism deal with being honest and taking accountability for your actions. If you believe in what you see in Logical Spiritualism, then it’s your place to stand up and say that, not to agree by hiding. Maybe you’re not ready to become a known member of Logical Spiritualism now, but keep considering these ideas and principals and give it time. Maybe in the future, you will find that you can commit fully. Logical Spiritualism will be here.

4.    Q: I’m looking for a topic, but I can’t find it. Can you help me?

: Try the “Topic Search Function” by typing in your topic. If that doesn’t work, you can go to the top menu bar and select “Lists,” or "Subjects" where you can check our drop-down menu of topics for your point of interest. You can also do a search by category, which will locate all pertinent materials to your topic of interest.

If all of these tactics fail, keep in mind that your topic of interest may not have been covered by LS yet, but that Logical Spiritualism will be continuing to grow and branch out from month to month, so you can check back for it later. You can also click on “Contact” from the bottom menu and email the site manager to ask that the topic of your choice be added to

5.    Q: Why aren’t you charging money for this service and use of your materials?

: Logical Spiritualism’s sole goal is to help people improve their lives and enhance the world around them. Attempting to take a profit from this, seems counter-productive and would cause people to put their guard up and feel that there is an alterior motive at work.

LS prefers that prospective members consider these ideas and principals without any obligations, so that they can better and more impartially decide what’s best for them.

6.    Q: I found some of the LS insights interesting. Who else can I talk to about this?

: You can talk to your family, your lover, or lovers, your friends, your colleagues, your peers. And if you still can’t get enough, or you want to see what other people have to say, you can use the “Forum” feature here on to discuss these ideas and principals with other users.

7.    Q: When and where can I get a “real” LS book, which contains the collected wisdom of LS?

A: We are hoping to make the Logical Spiritualism book available to you in 2012. You will be able to download all the combined LS wisdom for free, or you might prefer to purchase a tangible copy of this book to add to your library, treasure and/or give as a gift and in the future. LS is planning to offer a nicer leather-bound edition of Logical Spiritualism, which may be ordered from this website, for those who want it. The book will be offered at cost, so you will only need to pay for printing and shipping.

8.    Q: I would like to donate money to the Logical Spiritualism cause and the future promotion of this philosophy. How can I do that?

: First of all, thank you for your generosity and insight. Originally, it was thought that LS would not accept donations, but it may be unrealistic to plan to spread a new world religion without any funding to get the word out, so we have decided to accept donations.

However, to differentiate Logical Spiritualism from certain other religions and philosophies, which frequently ask for financial contributions, we will do two things.

First, you will never be asked to make a financial contribution.

Secondly, when a financial contribution is recieved, it will go directly into spreading the word of Logical Spiritualism and how the donation is utilized will be posted on this website, along with a thank you to the donor.

This is to ensure that any money you may feel like giving, goes toward making the world a better place, rather than purchasing the founder a nicer car. 

9.    Q: I noticed a problem on your website. I keep clicking on one of the selections, but it doesn’t seem to work. What should I do?

: First of all, we apologize for your inconvenience and appreciate you looking into this further. Secondly, please select “Contact” on the bottom menu and send an email to the Site Supervisor at, which describes the problem you experienced in detail. LS will work to correct the problem as soon as possible.

10.    Q: This website is great, but it’s not enough. I would like to attend a live Logical Spiritualism event or conference. When and how can I do that?

: As was stated earlier, LS is in its infancy and no events or conferences have been planned, however, that is within our scope of future plans.

If you go to “Contacts” on the bottom menu and then send an email to “Booking,” you can book Evan Marquisee for an interview, or speaking engagement.

Interviews will be done for free, though that depends on travel costs.

Speaking engagements involve a 3 to 6 hour power point presentation, along with a few small hand-outs and a lot of wisdom.

Note that, while all the materials of Logical Spiritualism are available on this website for free, there are legitimate costs involved with booking a speaking engagement. This is due to the fact that speaking engagements would involve a great deal of preparation, materials and travel.

Of course, Evan Marquisee would love to present Logical Spiritualism in person, all over the world, but since he is not independently wealthy and must provide for a family of his own, that is hardly realistic.

If you send a request to “Booking” your offer will be considered and someone will get back to you. Thank you for your continued interest.

11. Q: Who wrote all of the content on

A: Evan Marquisee wrote all the articles and content on and adds one or more new article to the website each and every week.

12. Q: How long has been in existence?

A: was officially launched on January 1, 2012.