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Evan Marquisee was born in Wilmington, Delaware on December 22, 1974.

He is the son of Mark James Marquisee, an award winning bio-chemist, who invented a promising cure for cancer and garnered several patents, before becoming an award winning videographer and starting his own well-decorated company, Arden Media Resources.

His mother is Eleanor Betting Marquisee, a children’s art therapist and family court judge, who later became the president of Arden Media Resources and is largely responsible for Arden’s multi-award winning international Families of the World children’s documentary series.

Marquisee’s interest in philosophy began as early as middle-school (and probably earlier), when he was asked to read books like Plato’s Republic and Lord of the Flies. He quickly began to examine his own philosophical values and ideals and to begin to create what would one day become Logical Spiritualism.

Around this time, Marquisee had a voracious drawing period and exhibited his art in several galleries, at the behest of his parents. However, Marquisee felt his drawing skills were highly insufficient and turned to writing.

Marquisee was homeschooled for his final year of middle-school and his freshman year of high school. He decided to go to a A.I. DuPont  High School for his sophomore year. During his three years there, Marquisee wrote for the award winning student newspaper, The Tiger Pause, served as Student Council Secretary and won the People to People Award for the student who gets along best with people of different races, religions and beliefs. He also started a men’s volleyball club team, which is still in existence today.

Marquisee lettered in each of his three high school football seasons, beating out several seniors to start at offensive tackle, even though he weighed a paltry 175 pounds. In his first year, he won “Most Improved Player,” in his second, “Co-Defensive Player of the Year” and in his third, he won the “Most Valuable Player” award.

Marquisee graduated from A.I. DuPont High School in Greenville, Delaware in 1993.

Around this time, Marquisee wrote, produced and directed a television pilot called Comic Age, which got the attention of MTV Studios and spawned a meeting with them in New York, but the venture was never consummated and was all but forgotten when he left for college.

Marquisee graduated from the University of Delaware, four years later, in 1997, with a bachelor’s degree in English and a concentration in journalism.

After college, Marquisee became a published author in several local magazines, including The Bystander, Out & About Magazine and Yoga Journal. 

He worked as an account executive and a security officer before going back to school and graduated from Wilmington University, with a master’s degree in English Education.

During this time he completed seven feature film scripts and many short film scripts, poems and songs. 

2010 was a break-out year for Marquisee. He married Marilyn Salazar Molina on March 25, 2010 and attended the birth of his first son, Logan Salazar Marquisee, on August 25, 2010. Marquisee also wrote, produced and directed his first four short-films; The Interview,  Buzzkill, The Test, The Wedding Gift and Killer. 

2011 was another banner year for Marquisee. While celebrating his son’s first birthday and his first year of marriage, Marquisee completed his first three short-film projects; The Interview, The Test  and Killer. Another short, Scarecrow's Last Dance, which was written by Evan Marquisee, was also completed in the U.S. by Michael Mitchell of Lightfilms.

Evan Marquisee won "Instructor of the Year" for his ESL teaching at the well regarded Berlitz language school at Torre Sabana Berlitz in 2011.

Marquisee saved money for several months, to purchase a business license to start his Costa Rican movie production company, but had a change of heart, and realized it was more important to move forward with Logical Spiritualism. He used almost all of his disposable income to hire a designer to construct the Logical Spiritualism website.

On January 1, 2012, LOGICAL SPIRITUALISM was official born into the world.
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